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Alpha Lipoic Acid

Hey T-MEN, thanks for all the great info on the fat fast diet. I was reading last week on this forum about ALA and how much is the right amount for slamming your body into ketosis within a 24hr period or so. I don’t remember what all was said. I guess I took for granted that the info would stay posted. If you guys could help me out with a few ALA questions it would be awesome! How much do I take per day on the fat fast diet? Do I take it all at once or spread out over the day or after workouts or before bed or when I get up? It sounds like ALA is the key to success on this diet while maintaining muscle retention. Also, is there a ‘loading phase’ with ALA? Thanks for all the help guys!

The info should still be up under the Fat Fast diet post that we were talking on earlier. JohnU and I were talking about dosage-he takes a lot higher than what I was doing but he was not only doing it for ketosis but for a protein sparing effect after ketosis is established. Check the previous post to be sure but I think he was doing 3000 mg. the first day and 1000 mg. thereafter. A high dose such as this would really hasten ketosis but it is expensive and very potent. It can make you feel like crap if you take too much at once so the best strategy is to take most of it before you go to bed. I’ve never taken more than 600 mg. at a shot, and this is what John U. recommended as a minimum figure nightly before bed for the protein sparing effect. Ketosis in 24 hrs. would sure be nice, but he also uses metformin along with it too.

This is true. I believe that 600mg of ALA with every meal, for five meals spread throughout the day, is best to achieve ketosis in a brief period of time. Alternatively, you could take 200-400mg with all five meals and the rest before bed if you are very sensitive. Though I have experimented with metformin to reach ketosis faster I don’t recommend it. It lowers blood glucose concentrations too fast, unlike ALA. Your body doesn’t have time to adjust and make ketones so you could end up in a coma.

Now I’m curious. You guys talk about ALA as if it’s something taken in small doses, measured in the mg’s. And MD6 has ALA added to it, too. But my brand of flax oil, Nature’s Life Golden, claims 8.6g of Alpha Linoleic acid per tablespoonful.

Akicita, they are referring to alpha lipoic acid which has some insulin mimicing properties not alpha linoleic acid which is an essential fatty acid (or Omega 3). Both are commonly abbreveated ALA. Simple mistake.

Your confusing Alpha Linoleic acid in your flaxseed oil with Alpha-Lipoic Acid (the glucose disposal agent in question here)

Just a quick note to thank you guys for clarifying my thinking on this! Much appreciated!

I understand how ALA works as a glucose disposal agent, but how does it help to retain muscle?


ALA inhibits gluconeogenesis in the liver and therefore lowering the total amount of protein consumed by the body.