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Alpha lipoic Acid

I was wondering if anyone knows where to get ALA in bulk podwer form.I am a poor student who finds the caps too expensive.I was also wondering about some supplements companies claim that ALA is not as effective if exposed to the air, ie only good in pill form

beyond-a-century.com, vitaspace.com, nutriteam.com, kilosports.com

cheapest ala is here anabolical.com

Not to sound like a cheap plug or anyting but I work at a Vitamin Shoppe and for this month 300mg capsules of Vitamin Shoppe brand Alpha Lipoic Acid is discounted at 60% off. It’ll cost you only $15.58 for a bottle of 60 caps and $27.98 for a bottle of 120 caps. Not bad considering that Vitamin Shoppe brand is just as competitive in quality and you save yourself a few bucks especially since I, like you, am also a college student. Check out a store near you or visit their website.