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Alpha Lipoic Acid results

I’e tried using ALA for a while now while trying to put on weight. I started a 4 weeker with 2000mg per day taken in devided doses to every carb meal. That made some change, I got stronger and pumps were very nice. I also noticed it was harder to put on fat during these weeks even with a calorie intake 1000cals over my maintenance calorie intake. Then I went off it for 5 weeks and then stepped on it again. This time I took 4000mg per fday on training days(1g to 100g carbs postworkout also did this the first period) then I increased the ALA intake to every carb meal. The effect very sick. I’m a true believer in this suppliement. I gained muscle while decreasing fat, according to the caliper 3%, while adding 10lb durig these 5 weeks. Diet was the same, about 1000calories above maintenance calorie intake, and on training days +1500 above. Very low fat, and always took my ALA with slow carbs during the day and never too much fat. Have anyone else had these experiences. I was not on a cycle, only increased all vitamins and upped protein a bit, mostly added more carbs(slow GI).

Krikey! That’s a lot of ALA! Seems like you’ve had some damn good results with it. Anyone else have experience with this high of an intake?

Crap… even I’d become an ALA-whore like you if I could get those results. Did you use any other supplements or was it just ALA?

Do you buy your ALA in bulk? Using this quantity could get pricy. Any good inexpensive sources out there?

I use ALA as well, and have found it to produce outstanding results. I use either 250mg before small carb meals or 500mg before high carb meals and 750mg before cheat meals. I use anabolical.com for my ALA!

I’ll chime in here to second what the original poster was saying. I have experimented with dosages of ALA in the 3 to 5 GRAM range and it is truly amazing. Even on relatively low carbs, I was getting an absurd pump…in my warmup. Not to mention the vascularity was getting insane. I too get mine from Anabolical as they have 500mg caps which makes it pretty easy to get the dosage up. Definitely an interesting phenomenom.