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Alpha Lipoic Acid + I3G?


I recently ordered 3 bottles of the I3G. I also use alpha lipoic acid. Is there any point in continuing the alpha lipoic acid after I start the I3G, or is it best saved for when I'm not on I3G?




Kind of depends on if you want to test the validity of I3G. If you were to take it simultaneously with the ALA, it would skew the results. But at the same time, they may work synergistically. So you could do either.
Is it r-ALA? I've read that that(r-ALA) is the isoform you want, and that ALA is 50:50 r-ALA and s-ALA.


Yeah, it's the (Na)r-ALA I take. It's exactly the possibility of a synergistic effect that I'm curious about.





you should prob ask Mod Brian... he is the supplement guru i believe


The folks from Indigo Team 1 who were taking Receptormax kept taking it I beleive. I myself was not, however I do continue to take CoQ10 and cinamon. Having taken both ALA, R-ALA, Coq10 all in the past and in tandem I would say that I-3G is in a whole different class of effectivenessm, I am sure there are synergies.


Thanks for the responses, guys. Does anyone know if (NA)r-ALA is a selective repartitioning agent? That is, does it increase nutrient uptake in JUST muscle, or muscle AND fat?

Thanks again,



bump i was wondering that as well... also if normal ALA did the same


Taking Indigo-3G (pre-workout or pre-dinner als labeled) for 2 months now. Just read about ALA boosting your insulin sensitivity. Good idea to supplement it?
Taking in the morning with Carnitin, CoQ10, Multivitamine and Flameout? Or together with Indigo-3G?
Thanks for advice.