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Alpha Lipoic acid b4 p+f meal????

I have been using ALA for the first time and came across the thought or debate of whether or not to take ALA before a protein plus fat meal? The ala works basically to reduce insulin, well not much insulin for p+f meal is needed, so what do you guys recommend???

Save it for your P&C meals.

ALA doesn’t an an immediate effect – you need to take it consistently for a period of time to benefit from it. So, it doesn’t matter what type of meal it’s taken with.

ahhh, well then whats the main point or idea behind the “1/2 an hour before meal theory?” I initially thought that it would creat a stronger insulin sensitivity reaction in the digestive process. kinda like soluble fiber before a meal. Another question is this: I have been following the massive eating protocol to reduce a tad bit of weight, I love Peanut butter and don’t think I can do without it,hahaha. during what meal p+f or p+c would you suggest I use it with? I was thinking more on the lines of p+c?

Dont take with food, and especially avoid fat if I remember correctly.Take 30-45 min before meals.If your really worried about insulin sensitivity try Bromo,nothing beats it.