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Alpha lipoic acid and t-dawg diet

I am in need of a little clarification on ALA use and the t-dawg diet. Do you take ALA (alpha lipoic acid) only on the carb up day or do you take it daily with your other supliments. When you do take it (daily/weekly on carb up day) what ammounts do/should you take. I am getting ready to try the t-dawg diet and need this last piece of info. Once again thanks for the help.

ALA should definitely be taken on the carb-up days, and people take different amounts. One person on here takes 600 mg. in 5 divided doses to really hasten ketosis. You could take it during the week too but you have to be careful as it can make you sluggish/nauseous due to it’s potent effects on lowering blood sugar. I wouldn’t start w. the above recommendation if you’ve never taken it before, maybe 1200 mg. or a bit higher in divided doses on your carb-up, then maybe half that dose on the ketogenic days, taking the majority of it before bed to help avoid the zombie-like feeling.