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Alpha In Time

This isn’t just a training log, I did one of those once. This is an all around alpha-ness log. It all starts tomorrow, but I’d rather make the thread now, before I forget.


Totally forgot to update yesterday. Yesterday I got a 210 strict press for 3, 2, 2, 2, 1, or 10 in total with little rest. And bodybuilding junk. Weight was around 230.

An update on my current status: I’m intermittent fasting (LeanGains), and that’s working really well. I’m training for a meet in August as well.

Did a 422 SS Bar squat for 4 semi-hard singles

Did dem DE benches and tonnes of assistance.

Did 2 singles on the deadlift at 545, how fucking gay…

Granted, haven’t deadlifted in 3 months do to SI joint issues, but still. Gonna increase frequency of lower back work now.

So benched earlier today. Did “board presses” with like a 3-4 inch foam pad thing. Did a single with 315. Did several sets of 225-275 with a close grip.