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Alpha, How Do You Train?


A truly inspirational member. Perhaps the very definition of a T-Man. Does high level international government protection work whilst also suffering from serious health issues.

Yet manages to maintain an exceptional physique with truly superb levels of strength and conditioning. All the while holding a very impressive no bullshit/no excuse attitude to both training and life.

Has a detailed and inspiring training log which goes into some depth about his unusual approaches to both training and diet (lots of shakes/giant sets).

The intention of this thread is to draw attention to his log as everyone could pick up something informative.

Also, when he has the time, if Alpha could please give us some insight into his methods and training history/future goals.

Benanything's Training Log

I agree about his log being detailed and inspiring. It also answers the questions you have posed.
Edit: You just joined today and read all 13 pages of Alpha's log as well as sorting through Ct. Rockula's stuff. You have been busy.


yup, i've been following it for weeks...

the dude is a beast.


I have a feeling Stringer is going to make a "How Do You Train?" for everyone on T-Nation.

If you really want to see good insight to someones training make a thread for ChickTuna :wink:


Sweet. Where's my thread at, Stringer?


Wow, that is some pretty nice stuff to be said man, thanks.

Ummmm I am not ever really sure how to respond to this...Honestly I didn't even have a clue this thread existed until I just got a PM telling me it did....

Really if you have read my log (Alpha's work) and actually took the time to read the thing...It is getting pretty long....(Instert long log joke here)....hmmm

I'm like 220lbs, <10%BF, i don't use belts, straps, wraps, suits, or any of that other junk...

575 Dead
550 Squat
445 Bench
250 Military

All are videos on my log or on youtube under- AlphaTnation

And I have starting and progress pics on the log as well...and don't give me hell about posing. I know I am helpless with it...

I train my ass off and don't listen to any stupid BS that is preached or believe most of what is fed to us because the limits that we currently have are only limits until someone stupid enough (like me) comes along and breaks them....

This really feels like I am writing for a internet dating site or something....

This would be a lot easier if people asked questions (although I doubt anyone really wants to) or you check out the log....

But if you do have any shoot away, I will answer anything at all about any subject...

I'll post a rant I wrote a few days ago on my log on here, it was in response to someone asking me what some of my training philosophies are....

But hey thanks for caring at all, and thanks if you check out my log...

I will be breaking all of my PR's in about 2 months, so if nothing else check in and see if I can up these pansy numbers...

Thanks again


IF I WERE TO DESCRIBE MY TRAINING PHILOSOPHY and what pisses me off sometimes..It would be bulleted something like this:

  • eat lean meat, vegetables and fish oil every 2.5-3 hours...If you want starchy carbs, only eat them post workout... They are like a reward for training.

-Lift more often than you want to, lift heavier than you want to, run longer and harder than you want to, do more reps when you REALLY don't want to...Basically, do what you HATE more than anything the most, and do what you LIKE the do the least...

-If you are not a little nervous/anxious BEFORE your workout and didn't feel sick DURING your workout, most likely you are not training hard enough to get where you want to go.

-Do big compound movements for 90% of your work... even accessory work

-Do Sprints, complexes, GPP,or Sled drags/prowler for energy systems work, anything else should be considered NEPA

-Stretch and use a foam roller and LAX ball-but only if you plan on walking when you are 50.

-Keep a log of your training- What gets measured, gets done. If you don't know what you did last workout, how are you going to beat it this workout? NOT USING A LOG MAKES YOUR TRAINING A WASTE OF TIME! Don't ask anyone questions about training or diet unless you can show them some form of history of what you have been doing. It would be like not giving a medical history to a Doctor and then asking them to fix you. Don't be an idiot-people could answer 90% of their own arbitrary questions if they just compared what they are/aren't doing with their original plan...Man this pisses me off!

-99% of people do not have the testicular fortitude or discipline to work hard and consistently enough to get the results they want...Don't be that guy. And if you are the 1% smile because everyone thinks you are on roids and are a genetic freak-and refer to you as such behind your back.

-F 90% of Training Partners. Stupidity breeds stupidity! most partners spend more time talking about BS and screaming worthless false encouragement than actually making you better. If you need a spot, ask the 90 lb PT walking around doing nothing, otherwise grow some balls and get it done alone.

-That said, if You found another 1%er, stick with them...hell, maybe even consider becoming "life partners" that way you can get a tax cut while splitting time cooking chicken and spinach together.

-Train FOR something, it is tough to stay motivated without a goal...Also, train for strength, size is a great bi-product.

-Read EVERYTHING on T-Nation, and EliteFTS (With a filter of course), if you pick up 10% of what you read you will get stronger, bigger, and leaner...As a side note, people who haven't done this have no right to ask stupid questions in the forums...Myself included.

-Every time you Stick food in your mouth or choose the weight for your next set ask yourself, "Will this make me better?". Then act accordingly

-it is tough to out Diet pansy training, and it is harder to out train a bad diet...Do both or none, it is that simple.

-I do supersets and giant sets not because it is the most advantageous way to gain muscle...I do them because things need to get done...My time is limited, and I don't like most of the idiots at the gym. So I get in, get it done, and get out. I hate walking into the gym, but love walking out soaked and spent...results aren't a bad thing either.

-People worry too much about small stuff when the big stuff is not in order. This stuff is not complicated...grow a pair, don't eat bad, and get just a little bit better each training session. look at the 5/3/1 questions on the strength sports page...of the questions are good, and some are as valid as, "Hey Jimbo, is it ok for me to switch out my Gallon of milk a day for a gallon of skittle flavored vodka? Will this make me HYOOOOOGGGEEEE?"

-Another note on that...Invest in knowledge. Don't ask 1,000 stupid questions that could all be answered by spending $20 bucks on a book with ALL of the answers (5/3/1). If you can't afford it, send me a PM about why -- if I can't use my brain to figure out a way for you to earn $20, I'll send you the money myself! - There are no free lunches, and you will have to work hard and earn every bit you get. If it was easy-everyone would do it! A new you does not come in 6 easy installments of $19.95!

-If you are not regularly doing ATG squats and deads, don't even bother asking a question about getting bigger and stronger...

-Now go stand petulant against the rest of the "Fitness" world

Benanything's Training Log

i have a question. how come you deadlift in a kind of semi sumo stance? is there any reason for that or is it just most comfortable for you?

and also, how come your deadlift is RELATIVELY low (its still phenomenally high in reality lol) as you can squat 550 ATG with no belt which is amazing i would have thought you could do closer to 675 on dl. Is that due to injuries/structural reasons or you havent trained it as much in the past?

and finally if you wouldnt mind just out of interest do you have any conditioning PBs such mile for time or 5km or 10km or any other similar measure?

Thanks for your responses.


Yeah the weak deads are from a broken L3 and L5 Vertebrae...It is what it is...thats also the reason for the sumo stance, it allows me to use more of my legs than lower back.


Thanks for the reply.

My apologies that you feel like you were "called out" and have now caught "forum HIV" or whatever lol that wasnt the intention, it was mostly for people who didnt know about your log to go check it out as its full of great stuff.

anyway, again i apologise the thread can just die.


Do you with the state department or DOD?


I'm with DHS....There is at least one other guy on the site who also does my job. We worked together for most of 2007-2008.


Nah, I truly was appreciative...but then the rocucla thread kind of threw holymac and i into the mix with that guy...which is someplace i dont want to be...

Thanks again for the attempt though


If any of you are interested...I just posted a new rant on my log (alpha's work)...check it out if you want...


we still work together goofball - just not "together" - wait that doesn't sound right


Effin excellent post, Alpha!
Total win.


Alpha is the strongest and most conditioned member that I can think of on this site. How does he train? Full body Chad Waterbury style workouts. People need to stop saying that full body workouts don't work or they only work till your so big or so strong. naaahh Alpha is living proof that Waterbury style workouts work..very well.


Really helpful advice alpha, really specially for beginners like me, i'll definitly be watching your log.
Great work man!


I don't think it's fair to say because ONE guy has been extremely successful with TBT that everyone should try it.

The govenor, Coleman and other olympians have training programs that obviously have worked, however I doubt their same programs would work for some else as well.

Alpha is one strong ass mofo, as well as super sexy and MMF material. it's also safe to assume he brings some serious intensity into the gym. I just wouldn't use one person as the basis for a general statement concerning very large groups of people.


This thread is full of win.