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Alpha GPC


I read about Alpha GPC and it seems pretty good by what Biotest claims but i read some pretty negative reviews on it online.. can anyone tell me their experiences with it? or if its any good or not. thank you


lol... again?


I went alright. I dont think I trained hard enough before hand to see/feel a huge difference. People have said they had gnarly dreams, mine were just alright.

The low down...There are better things to spend your money on unless you are an elite athlete.


No one answered my question before


its good stuff i love it! helped me get ripped up good strength gains. just pricey but im a cheap ass


He means this question has been answered before. Search the previous thread on this.


It the risk of being redundantly redundant.....

Yes, I can vouch for this product for sure. I do use it in conjunction with the Anaconda protocol 2 however.

Two caps seem to work better than one (for me) but it can be expensive.

As with any other supps....if you're not dialed in with all other aspects of training and especially diet....you're better off buying more and better food instead.