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I just ordered this. Is there anything else i should take with it ? I am looking to still trim some fat but not too much muscle. I am 6'1 218lbs.

Also Chris thanks for the info from one of my previous post on changing up my routine I am starting to see some more definition.

I am also going to take my BF tomorrow morning when i go to the gym. I would love to stay @ my weight anywhere from 212-220 but try and get my BF down to 12-15 last time i took it i was 20%. I have over the past 6 months lost 45 lbs most on the V-Diet. Any pointers would appreciate from anyone.

Thanks again


I think your question is… “how do I lose bodyfat while preserving muscle?”

Answer: Train hard and don’t eat any carbs except right before you train. Be patient and measure your progress, or you won’t know what’s happening to your body or how to adjust things.

Other supplements? Lots of options there, but definitely include Flameout. HOT-ROX should help with your fat loss. I’m currently trying Thib’s para-workout protocol and have found it very effective at improving my workouts, but it’s too soon to say it’s led to a big change in body comp. You can read about it in this forum.