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Alpha-GPC with Other Supplements?

I’m about to order this stuff, but I’m wondering if I should also order more Surge Workout Fuel. When SWF came out Biotest said that periworkout bcaa’s were unnecessary. Does Alpha-GPC make any other supplements unnecessary?

Post in the article thread. They will start to answer questions soon.

didn’t know it was available. The banner at the top kept cycling through old products

That’s exactly what I was wondering. I’d really like to try that stuff, but I’m also taking the Rhodolia, the Surge workout fuel, Surge post workout, Leucine, and the Metabolic Drive. This stuff won’t interfere with any of that right? Or, will it make it unnecessary/ obsolete? I really wanna try this Alpha-GPC, but I’ve got a lot of questions about it too.

Does it have any negative long-term effects? Does it have any side effects that will appear immediately? I guess it’d probably be best to talk to someone who’s been on the stuff. Maybe The T-Nation writers/contributers could do an interview with Tate or Thib just to see what else they were on at the time and their experience with it. I mean, I’m more likely to buy it if I hear the good and the bad, instead of just the good.

[quote]redgladiator wrote:
Post in the article thread. They will start to answer questions soon.[/quote]

Oh, word. You must’ve posted while I was writing mine. My Bad.

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