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Alpha GPC, SWF, and Flameout


Is it OK to mix Alpha GPC and SWF? As in to take Alpha GPC 90 minutes before hand and Surge Workout Fuel 15 minutes before and during?

Also, I just ordered two bottles of fish oil(Flameout) and I'm wondering how often to take it for it to have a fat loss effect. The bottle says 4 capsules a day, but I've heard of as much as 20 from coaches like Thibaudeau.

If I take 20 a day, they'll be gone in a week and a half...


Alpha-GPC and Surge Workout Fuel can be used with each other and all other Biotest supplements without a problem.

If you haven't used Flameout before, I recommend sticking with 4 capsules per day for now to get a feel for how you respond to it.

The rate at which you lose fat is dependent on your caloric intake (diet) and caloric expenditure (exercise). If you're not already eating to lose fat, it's doubtful you will see significant fat loss from supplementing with Flameout alone.


Perfectly fine

Nice math... yes you can take 20 a day, but 4-6 would be okay too.