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Alpha-GPC Serving Size


Can someone please clue me in on the amount of servings in Alpha-GPC and how long a bottle will last. The label won't come up for me in the T-store. I buy my supps monthly so it's kind of important to know before I put my cart together.


Serving size is 2 capsules, 30 servings. So 30 workouts.


serving size is two pills... 30 servings per container


Damn that's pretty cheap. 30 workouts is almost 2 months for me. Thanks guys, I'm adding it to my cart.


2 pills doesn't do anything for me.

I am taking 5 on the days I choose to use it. I bought one bottle, but wont be buying it again.


I tend to always go overbore myself and take four pre-workout.



Two capsules prior to training works well for me, but I'll occasionally bump up to 3 before days I want to do a little extra.


Interesting. Thank you for your opinion. I may get a couple bottles of BCAAs instead.


Wrong choice, IMO.

From what I've seen and experienced Alpha-GPC is a better choice for most.

Besides, I'd recommend L-Leucine over BCAA anyway.

I seem to recall that DOH may be using stronger "supplements" anyway, which might negate the benefit from Alpha-GPC since they tend to have similar effects on the CNS.


if you follow thibs insulin pulsing guide with the gpc, you should get some good results


Anyone noticing insomnia issues with this stuff? I was pegged out until 3 in the morning the other night.



Not for me. As said, I take four around 5:30 PM and have no problem hitting the rack and falling into a deep sleep around 10:30 PM.



I thought it was at first, then i remembered i drink n02 and protein while i work out at 6 pm.

n0 = 20 cups of coffee


I haven't, but I usually take Alpha-GPC before noon.

However, I do recall one or two members commenting about how they take Alpha-GPC before bed and wake up feeling very refreshed.


I would also not compare it to BCAA's.

When I first tried my bottle of GPC, I was not using any stronger supplements.


Can't see my last post, but I wanted to add:

I think if you have the money to spend on supplements, buy and try some GPC. If you are deciding between GPC and groceries next week, there should be no confusion which is more important. I understand many T-Nation users have wads of cash to blow on their products, I also understand that some of us don't.

Biotest makes great products; I just think some, especially newcomers, get caught up in their above-excellent marketing.


Alot of what you say may be true, but the fact is I've yet to come across a Biotest supp I haven't liked. Classic Grow!, Surge, SWF, even the creatine. For me, all have become a staple so far and not b/c of marketing.

Surge recovery is money for a reason.


alpha-gpc at 4 per workout now. the weights actually feel easier at this dose. at 2 i think i was trying to convince myself i could feel it. 3 was eh, maybe. did 4 first time tonight and id say it was definite. even at 4/workout, i lift 3x/week, $27 bucks or whatever it is for 5 weeks worth of workouts seems reasonable to me.


Since I wake up at 5am and go start my workout at 5:30am, and knowing that Alpha-GPC should be taken 60-90 minutes prior workout, would it be ingested faster if I open the capsules to put the powder directly in my pre-workout protein shake?


Capsules take about 3 minutes to dissolve once submerged in water, and probably less time when your stomach acid comes into play.