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Alpha GPC Question..Take on Empty Stomach?


I just got my bottle of Alpha-GPC and have a quick question to ask. I do know that many supplements have the whole best if taken on an empty stomach, and yes I KNOW it does not say that but just want to ask:
1) Does it matter if Alpha-GPC is taken on an empty stomach or not (and by not I mean like 1-->1.5 hrs post protein shake).

Here is the current protocol:
up at 4:30 AM, Protein shake down as soon as I wake up. then the plan was Alpha-GPC at 5:30/5:45, preworkout supplementation 6/6:15, when in the weight room warming up by 6:45/6:50 then working out by 7AM. Does this sound good or do changes need to made?

2) any supplements that should be avoided which may interfere w/ Alpha-GPC?


The studies which demonstrated an increase in force production from Alpha-GPC did so on an empty stomach, 90 minutes before training.
Whether this means that 90 minutes is optimal has not been decided. It might work better at 30 minuted pre-workout, maybe its better yet 120 minutes pre-workout.

If you want to follow the protocol, you need to take it upon waking, probably 20 minutes or so before food and 90 minutes before training.
If you find it works for you outside of this protocol, then do that
If you don't know if its working for you or not, because you haven't trained hard or long enough to be sure of what your 1RM is / how your body feels, then you don't need to take this supplement.


Sounds good. Where did you find the protocol?