Alpha GPC or Power Drive?

I’ve researched both these products (Alpha GPC and Power Drive) really well and I cant decide which would be more beneficial.

I know that these 2 products are neurotransmitter supplements, but what is the major benefits one has over the other?

I am a college student so i was interested in the fact that Power Drive can increase focus and mental alertness by indirectly producing dopamine from the conversion of tyrosine. However, I would like to know which would be more beneficial pre workout in terms of focus and fast twitch motor recruitment. The only thing that sticks out to me from these 2 products is the fact that Alpha GPC can increase HGH.

1 more question: Could one supplement with these 2 products together if necessary, or is just one recommended more highly over the other.

If you were to choose one, I would go with Alpha-GPC since you specificed ‘Fast twitch muscle recruitment’, the same study which showed the PWO increase in GH also showed an increase in explosive power, measured by a bench throw.

I personally use them together, as the Alpha-GPC raises Acetylcholine for my workout, and the Power Drive’s DMAE delays the degradation of acetylcholine, so they are synergystic in that manner.

Yes, Alpha-GPC – judging from effects – must be better at increasing acetylcholine. If using only one product to enhance a given workout, Alpha-GPC would be the choice for that reason.

Power Drive has other effects as well that Alpha-GPC does not address. What silverhydra is doing is probably the optimal thing.

Myself, because I wanted to know what Alpha-GPC does on its own, I stopped using Power Drive pre-workout over the last couple of months purely for evaluation reasons. And thus learned that it definitely works by itself.

I’ve recently taken to adding Power Drive back in post-workout, but really I expect that silverhydra has the better method.

(I used to use Power Drive both pre and post, but as I am training twice a day now, doing that both times would get kind of ridiculous on the usage. I would probably do better to use it pre-workout for both workouts but so as to not be ridiculous, not post.)

So you guys are suggesting taking them at the same time, pre-workout?

Yes, though it’s not mandatory – Alpha-GPC can be used alone.