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Alpha GPC for Sprinters?


Just wondering if it has been used by sprinters and with what results? Seems like it would be an ideal pre-race supp...


I wouldn't take it for sprinting, from my experience with the product.


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Ya, that response kinda took me by surprise, but no real explanation with it. Very curious your reasons for giving it a thumbs down for sprinters?


mainly because I've tried it for both sprinting and weightlifting back in the day, and I don't notice anything from it on the track. Physiologically things may, and probably are, happening when your sprinting that are beneficial, but I don't notice it unless a weight is in my hands or on my back.

Edit: then again I do take Alpha-GPC for my Olympic lifting days (singles/doubles only)... I don't really notice anything TBH on those days from GPC, but I guess it's similar to a short-distance alactic sprint.


Well I think it's worth a try. It's amazing how 3 tenths of a second is the difference from being a mid level collegiate sprinter to being an elite world class sprinter. A 10.6 100m is a dime a dozen in college but 10.2 or 10.3 is elite. My son is in that 1st group, and would love to move to the next level


i'm happy for your son. Hopefully GPC can help him out, but I don't think that using a supplement will push him to the level of 'eliteness'.


Well, possibly I worded things wrong. Nobody around here is sitting on their ass and hanging their hopes on a supplement. He is young, working his ass off, and still improving. However, you would be naive to think that even the top athletes in the world are not looking for "anything" that can even give them the slightest edge, or smallest amount of improvement. Especially in sprinting, minute improvements can make a huge difference!


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I will mention that to him when he gets back from his trip to Alaska. Track season ended a couple weeks ago and he is taking 2 weeks off of everything to rest up.