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Alpha-GPC Buzz

It’s a new Biotest supplement. I thought there would be a large buzz about it.

Go to Article Discussions. Find the article on the product. Join the discussion.

Hurry, or I’ll throw in a racial slur here to have your thread locked :slight_smile:

There’s a whole discussion thread on it on the article discussion board. Too early for a lot of threads to be made about it

There’s been a few things floating around about the supplement coming out, but not as much hype as say ‘Anaconda’. It looks interesting, but I for one don’t really need a supplements like this, I ll take my Spike pre-workout and as long as my weights progressively go up (given im not dieting) I’ ll be fine, no need for some fancy supplement that looks like its geared more towards powerlifters and strength athletes, not your average joe-blow trying to look and perform better. just my 2 cents

Did anybody notice that Dr. Z’s study in the article used an insanely low volume? That would make me wonder about the efficacy for bodybuilders. The article does say that they’ve been testing it on “several of TMUSCLE’s elite-level bodybuilders… We’ll reveal more about this group, as well as their training, in the months ahead.”

I’m curious about how the compound will effect on power and growth hormone given a BBing style workout.