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Alpha-GPC Before Bed



I have read the topic about Biotest Alpha-GPC, and someone asked this same question :

I have searched on Google, and some advise taking Alpha-GPC before bed.

I tried yesterday to take 2 caps (600mg) before the workout around 3PM, and then 1 cap before bed (300mg), and I felt a lot more rested this morning, and remembered my dreams.

I don't know if GH can be increased with only 300mg of Alpha-GPC, but I really slept better.

I'm trying right now the protocol given above, 2 caps before workout and 1 cap before bed. The purpose is for body composition, to see if GH increase is high enough to help in this area.

Moreover, with 60 caps, one bottle last a month provided you workout no more than 3 times per week, seems a good deal (54 caps needed/month).

What are your opinion on this ? Did anyone already try it ?



I've done this, kinda by mistake. I took 2, then wasn't able to train, instead I was at home doing whatever, and got so tired I had to take a nap! I've had this happen a couple times, and have NEVER really felt anything when I used it and been able to train.

Perhaps it's user error?


I don't think deep sleep cycle happens while taking an afternoon nap (GH is released while, or just after, don't know).

However, as I've done it one time only, it means nothing at all indeed. I will try a month with this protocol.



This is a proven use for arginine (AAKG), which is also cheap. Save Alpha-GPC for the workout, IMO.


I'm pretty sure the increase wasn't enough to cause any real noticable change, which is why it fell out of vogue.


I meant that as being MY error! But if it works, it's better than a lot of shit I see people taking so...