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Alpha-GPC as Nootropic?


Anyone use this for it's nootropic effects? Would anaracitam, vino, and rhodiola rosea be good to stack with this?



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I get a good mental stimulas from it. Even when tired after taking it I get the pep to hit the gym.



I took some before an exam. Man was I pumped for that exam.


Pumped? Are you sure it was the Alpha-GPC?


Well, I guess pumped was the wrong word. I felt really focused and energetic. I took it 75 minutes prior to my exam and I just felt like I could do anything.


I know this sounds random, but I took some about an hour before I left work the other day. On the train on the way home, somebody tried to pick a fight with me. Often times, I would get very "shaky" from the experience due to the stress of it (not that I'm scared of the person, just that the flight or fright hormones kick into gear, and my body gets so flooded that it gets a little "shaky feeling" although I would not visibly shake). Anyhow, I did not get that feeling whatsoever and I actually had a calm and clear headed feeling. Perhaps this would be a good supplement to take before a fight... MMA fight or some other match that is. You can't really time a street fight, but a planned fight, you can time fairly accurately.


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Yeah, does the same too me. Plus you have to carry all those bloody bottles and a corkscrew around with you.

Go with the Vinpo man!