Alpha GPC and Sleep Problems

I started using Alpha GPC prior to workouts in the morning and must say it really does work in strength increases and intensity. However, I have had a very difficult time getting to sleep and staying asleep on days when I take it. It’s almost like I’m not tired, even though I am. Anyone else have these issues?

The first time I tried Surge Workout Fuel last week I had sleep issues. The day I started Surge Workout Fuel happend to be on chest/tricep day. I got accused of not going heavy enough even though I punish whatever group I work that day. After chest/tricep day I wasn’t really burnt out. I still wanted to keep going. Fri was my first time using Surge Workout Fuel on a leg day and I now understand how my routine could be called into question. Even though I had Surge Workout Fuel my legs were done. I slept well that night.

So now on my leg and back days I’m going to use 2 scoops of Surge Workout Fuel and 1 scoop on the other days. I appreciate your testimonial on Alpha-GPC. I’ve yet to try it and it’s nice to get positive feedback. Especially about affecting your sleep. I think I’m going to order a couple bottles next week. Thanks again.