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Alpha-GlyceroPhosphoCholine. I have heard of it but i dont know what it is and how it works. can anyone help? I am coming across products recomended by reliable sources that i have never heard of and can’t source in any of (Australian) supplement suppliers.

Poliquin has a product he recomended brain vitale which has a 200mg dosage of Alpha-GlyceroPhosphoCholine yet he often recommends a dosage of 1200mg…clearly substantially different.

My questions are:

  1. What is Alpha-GlyceroPhosphoCholine?
  2. what does it do?
  3. where can i source it in gel form?

All Australian supplement companies are pretty useless responding to emails. AMerican companies (especially Poliquin Performace) are much more professional. If no Australian source is available i will be happy to source from the U.S.

A google turn up more than the info you’ll want just did one Try that

what it does, seems mainly it is a source and free’s up Choline which has a bunch of benefits in general health etc and the protection and rebuilding of cells much at the brain level and to do with cogintive function and the CNS. Look at the google studies again

source again the search has a LOT, and well you might try FOOD eggs, milk, liver and some others including veggies etc give amounts of Alpha-GPC