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Alpha Face


This is an alpha face.

If he is sad, he doesn't have your typical sad face... he'll have an alpha face.

  • Chief Alpha -



Good one, Chief.

  • Boss Alpha -


Yes Boss, keep 'em cuming.

  • Chief Alpha -


Lets see him try that with full size men. Who punch and kick.


You're right.
But this is a thread about Alpha Faces.
You're hiding behind Zappa's.

Do you have an Alpha Face, Testy?

  • Boss Alpha -


Yeah but he runs like a girl.


You're hiding behind a friggin' mask.
You're not Alpha.
Get lost.

  • Boss Alpha -


Alpha is having your own face like a mask, even when hurting or cuming... an alpha face. Everything else is omega.


The slicked back hair kills it IMO. Now if he had that Polamalu or Clay Matthews hair, I would approve.

Although, now that I think about it, I dont think he can work it. But, Anderson Silva does credit him for that epic front kick, so I approve.




<----Alpha face


^waiting for random picture from "are we there yet".


No, but Zappa does.


I'll stick with my usual "expressive face". All those muscles of the face have a purpose.





What's more alpha... a baboon or a gorilla?


Lmfao. He was just touching then and they were flipping over. So fake.


At you.