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Alpha (Brian Alsruhe) Training With Brian Shaw


Seems worth noting. Anyone that follows Brian’s channel likely knows that he has a relationship with Brian Shaw but it’s still incredible to see someone from these forums training with 4x WSM champion.


Belt square rack pulls. Never heard of that one before!


That’s a man who intends never to miss on lockout.


Oddly enough, I have, through a totally random coincidence. Before I bought my house and outfitted a home gym, I briefly trained with a guy that owned the building which housed a local CrossFit gym who stored his own equipment in the back; he had all kinds of toys, including a belt squat setup (I actually enjoyed training with the guy, but the CrossFit gym owners politely asked him to stop bringing in guests to use the facility during their classes, a totally reasonable request). I’m not sure precisely where he had picked it up, but he did these regularly. He’d have 225 on the bar with 3 or 4 plates per side on the belt squat. Interestingly, Shaw looks to have a much different balance of the weight distribution - he has a ton of bar weight (in the one shot it looks like he has 9 plates per side, at a quick glance) with (relatively) less on the belt squat. That makes sense, I suppose.


Being that strong you would literally have to lift with an entourage if you wanted to get anything done in a time efficient manner, ha. Can you imagine the amount of time spent loading and unloading for his working sets?! I used to think it was sill (and in some cases it really is) but I don’t see how men like this (Thor, Shaw, Best, so on and so forth) could get anything done haha

/random thoughts


Jerry Pritchett specifically thanked his crew in this year’s Road to the Arnold video for this reason, saying that when you’re pulling 900 pounds it takes forever to load and he’s grateful that his crew does it so he can just pull the weight.

Thor also obviously lifts with a pretty big crew, I assume that on heavy deadlift days he just chills between sets while the other guys load for him.


I love how B.S. is out-angling B.A. at the end of the video. That’s just what a Strongman would do!


I’ve watched several of gw videos he released with Brian Shaw. It’s really crazy how much I learned and things I can implement in my training in just those videos.

It’s been pretty cool seeing someone like alsruhe who is no pushover train with the elite though. He seems as excited as I would be.