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Alot of questions....

how much is too much. how many times a week should i work out??? how long should i go for??? how many sets and reps should i do on each lift??? should i do abs everyday??? On my workout routine i usualy do about 5 or 6 diff lifts, but the thing im tryin to figure out is how many sets and reps i should do. on my reps i usualy have 4 to 5 but the sets is what im iffy about. one thing is that i dont feel like ive done a good workout if i havent gone till failure or pretty close. is that overtraining??? suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

beginners forum.

Good, solid, basic, program.

Don’t go to failure. “Leave one in the tank.”

read around

Wow, those are a lot of questions No one can really give you an answer because it depends. Do some reading of your own. Then post some stats/lifting history, nobody here is going to do the work for you.

This has got to be a troll.

[quote]Rocky2 wrote:
This has got to be a troll.[/quote]

Has to be. It should only take a couple of visits to this forum till your directed to use the search function.

I’ve had MANY questions about training/nutrition but rarely had to start a thread for them. Just had to use the search.

The search function is your friend. Now get friendly!