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Alonzo Mourning

Zo made his comeback last night. For those of you who didn’t know he was out with a kidney disorder for the entire season till now. Zo sports a pretty good physique. I am not educated in the area enough to determine but I was curious if anyone thought it could be from steroid use.

It is a genetic disorder and has absolutely nothing to do with steroid use.

I watched the game, and it seems like Zo has lost quite a bit of size.

I heard that it was from prolonged use of pain killers which which is quite common among pro athletes and all the wear and tear.

And all this time I thought it was due to all the Myoplex and Betagen he gets from EAS!

I am not up on the nature of his disease, but when I first heard about it I suspected so. Look at him when he was in Charlotte, and then check out pics, a year or two after he had been in Miami. A little different! Bill Foran though is their strength coach, and he knows his stuff, but ZO, got awful big, awful quick. I would doubt it though as steroid use in the NBA is low to nil.

It was HMB- felt just like Deca! Har Har

If you recall, a year and a half ago, Shawn Elliot got a kidney transplant because his kidneys were shot, i think that was a genetic disease, maybe similar conditions?

The reports I read say that it may have been caused by years of ibuprofen use which is pretty commonplace in pro sports. Shaq was all worried when Zo came down with this disorder citing that he uses anti-inflammatories consistently. I doubt Zo juicing or had been. No proof for this, just experience seeing and being around people who have.

Zo suffers from a type of kidney disease called focal segmental glomerulosclerosis. Its not caused by years of ibuprofen use. It usually shows up in early childhood but can show up later in adult life. It also shows up in a higher rate of incidence in African-American males. Basically it causes extensive scarring within the glomeruli within the kidneys. One main characteristic is that the kidneys excrete large quantities of protein,which in turn causes massive edema(water retention). Usually the end result is total renal failure over time. He probably does or has taken a type of corticosteroid called ‘predinosone’. It isnt anabolic at all. But believe me,its a bitch. You pretty much just get fat,moody,lethargic…Kind of like your girlfriend does after you get married.Ha!
So Zo has an uphill battle on his hands.