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Just dropping a quick note to let everybody who cares know that I’ll be gone for just over a week. Hawaii is calling my name, and I’m not one to not listen to a beautiful woman. :slight_smile:

For those of you who don’t like me, you get a week’s break. For those of you that do, you’ll just have to survive for a short while.

Good luck to those top 4 in the Hot Rox Challenge. I’ll be late in getting the news of the winner, but an early congrats to you guys.

I’ll be back.

  That beautiful woman has been calling me too!!

  Alas, Im a poor boy *sigh*

I didn’t know they allowed “geeks” in Hawaii.

LOL, apparently they do now, Scrub.

This geek will be back a week from Monday with a nice tan and a relaxed mind.

have fun.

Damn lucky you hope you take up some surfing. Have fun.

In Health,

Silas Chen

Well DocT, you will be able to get a good tan, and show of your hard work. One word of advice, there are so many good places to eat, so watch out. Also Hawaii is not the paradise people make it out to be.