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Alocubano's Log

Hey, I’m a 19 y/o training to get stronger for raw powerlifting competitions that I will enter in late 2008/ early 2009. I’m currently going to begin following this routine…

Bench 5x5
Incline DB 4x5-10
Skull Crushers 4x5-10
Dips 4x5-10

Full Squat 5x5 (below parallel)
Pause Squat 3x5
Step Ups 4x5-10
Lat Pulldowns 4x5-10
Curl 3x8

wednesday OFF

Bench Press 8x2 (60-70%)
DB overhead press 4x5-10
lateral raises 4x8
Skull crushes 4x5

Deadlift/Variation 3-5x5
SLDL 4x8-10
45 degree Hyperextensions 4x5-10
Pulldown 4x5-10
curl 3x5


I am 190lbs,5’11

Goals for summer…
300lb Raw Benchpress (with good form)(no bounce/assdown)
385lb Full squat raw
435lb Deadlift Raw

And get up to 205 then cut down to compete in 198 pound weight class when I first compete.

I’ll be posting my workout when I get home from the gym tomorrow.

today’s workout:

Bench 5x5 220lbs
Incline DB bench 4x6 70lbs
Skull crushers 4x6 80lbs
Dips 3x8 Bodyweight

It’s the second week i’ve done 5x5 with 220lbs. feels easier, i’m doing 225lbs next week. Incline felt easy. everything else felt good also. forgot to do last set of dips though…

squat workout tomorrow.


Squat 5x5 220lbs

Pause Squats 3x5 135lbs

Step ups on regular bench 3x5 50lbs DBs

Hanging Leg raises 3x10

Came home and realized that i forgot to do lat pulldown and curls… oh well… i’ll do them on friday… Felt like the pause squats will help me out of the hole in the squat. I can’t seem to explode with the speed that i want when i go just below parallel. I am used to going A2G and only feel this speed when I go all the way down. Not sure but that’s what I feel…

thursday: light bench and shoulders

Bench press: 8x2 145lbs

DB Standing shoulder press: 4x8 25,30,35, and 45lbs

Stopped here because I felt pain in my shoulder that was dislocated last year.
Not a big deal but I don’t want to risk it since 225 5x5 would be a PR on Monday…

Friday: Back


WideGrip Pull Ups 5x5 BW

BB curl 70lb 3x10

HyperExtensions 3x10 4lb medicine ball

Didn’t have time to do as much as I wanted to and took it a bit easy since tomorrow is prom. Don’t think I’ll be dealifting from the floor for a good while now. After squatting on Tuesday I’m just too fatigued and my CNS is fried… Think I will go with O-lift variations for a month or two… I’m not sure…


Monday: Bench

5x5 225lbs PR

Incline DB press 4x6 70lbs

Skull Crushers 4x6 85lbs PR

Dips 4x8 BW

Wow. I’m proud of myself with bench. My last PR with sets and reps with 225 was 3x5 but with ass off bench and bouncing. I did the 5x5 with ass on the bench and NO bouncing. There was very very little momentum. Rested 2 minutes between sets. My form has come a long way. Gonna do this next week again then the week after that 230lbs.

looking good man i like your PR’s so soon into your trianing…if you want me, ironwarrior and cheeta discuss our stuff and routines in the Pipes Powerlifting Posts, ill be cruisin between this and my own, so just drop by there too every so often, ironwarrior gave me some good tips maybe youll pick up something good too! good luck lift hard. Peace

[quote]Pipes06 wrote:
looking good man i like your PR’s so soon into your trianing…if you want me, ironwarrior and cheeta discuss our stuff and routines in the Pipes Powerlifting Posts, ill be cruisin between this and my own, so just drop by there too every so often, ironwarrior gave me some good tips maybe youll pick up something good too! good luck lift hard. Peace[/quote]

Thanks a lot for the feedback man! Definately going to check out pipes powerlifting posts… I’ve been really interested in powerlifting for a while and now I’m actually doing something about it!

alocubano, whats up man! well i checked out your log and ur workouts seem real solid!! just 1 question… are you going to try and go for a PR every week??? haha just something i noticed while reading through your thread and it could burn you out real quick…if you have recent 1RM for your dead, squat, and bench, you should try and set up a 10-12 week program based on percentages for the lifts…so that you start lighter, but you blow that weight up, so that you begin to get more explosive and you can move light/moderate weight at faster more explosive speeds…as weeks progress you add 10lbs or so each week to your lift, bench/squat/dead and your slowly progress up into much heavier weights…i have found that way of training keeps me real fresh and going longer without feeling burnt out…just an idea though and a different method of trainin thats all…ive noticed that it has helped me tremendously in my strength gains…im 21 and weigh between 183-188 and for competitions i keep at 165-181, i drop to like 178 for the competition to get into the lower weight class…anyway, ill be checkin out your log whenever i can! take care

Nothing wrong with your approach. Stay patient and keep plugging away.

Good luck.

[quote]Ramo wrote:
Nothing wrong with your approach. Stay patient and keep plugging away.

Good luck.[/quote]

Agreed, i hope you dont think im telling you your approach is wrong, if it works for you, than DO IT! im just telling you what i do and what i know other powerlifters do…i train with a world record holder in the bench press, he has benched 800lbs in 3 different weight classes…and another guy who is 220 and benches 600lbs…i also train with a super old schoool powerlifter who is 64 and deadlifts 600lbs! he is an animal…all of these guys use similar training methods that i do and it seems to work real well…there are million ways to go about it though, no 1 way is correct

That’s some good advice right there Ironwarrior as usual! I’ve done a routine for 2 months now that i started at 205 with 5x5 adding 5lbs at least every two weeks, if I can’t progress with a certain weight in 3 weeks I will change my approach. Arthur “Superman” Jones gave me advice on youtube and I’ve followed it for 9 weeks now and it’s working pretty well! You should check out his 600lbs raw bench press!

Once I stop making progress with this workout I will definately change it up and follow your advice!!! You are right though there are a lot of ways to train and there isnt one right one… I’ll certainly come to you when I need a new routine!

i hate you guys!! got all these sweet ass powerlifting connections and im stuck here dealing with quarter squatters and my 10 lb chains!! hahaha…but yeah ironwarrior you do know your shit and im glad your hittin up my thread alot too.

Tuesday: Squat

Squat 5x5 225lbs (kind of went A2G)

Pause Squat 3x5 140lbs

DB Step Ups 50lbs 3x5

Latpulldown 3x10 100,120,140

Curl 3x10 25,30,35

Had a good leg workout today. Got a compliment on my squat form, from an ex personal trainer. He said he’s going to hook me up with this guy who benched 660@220 as a powerlifter!! I’m hoping to get a powerlifting coach out of this!

haha Pipes i know what you mean with the 1/4 squatters!! at my school you get nohting but half rep heroes, who put like 315 on the bar for squats, go down maybe a quarter of the way, maybe 1/2 of the way on a good day, and then get all jacked up and happy like they did something, give me a fucking break, honestly…same with bench, you get the kids who throw some stupid amount of weight on their, either have rep it, or let that shit come crashing down on their chest while their freind pretty much Rows it back up, the good ol’ 2man bench!! damn kids drive me up a fuckin wall when i see that!!

i always try to train my squat well below paralell so that when competition time comes around i dont have to go down nearly as far and the weight just flyes up, its been workin well so far!! i may go for 500lbs on my squat at the competition may 31st, we will see though!! looks like you had a great workout today alocubano, keep it up!

yeah I know exactly what you guys are talking about. It’s funny as hell watching people with like 405 on squat barely bending their knees lol!! And I bet I could Ass2Grass squat a lot more then them!!!

It was a good workout but I’m thinking about doing something else for Squat besides 5x5, You thinking working my way up to a 3 rep max would be alright for a while? Any suggestion?

I think it would be a good thing. I ran triples last week on it… 4x3 i believe i would have to check my log to know for sure lol, but in regards to A2G squats I get an audience and people are like…“Wow man, your soo flexible and you go so low! If you went to ‘proper’ depth you would do soo much more” THATS COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYERS SAYING THAT! alocubano keep it up man! and ironwarrior beings as your RAW and competing in that fed, your lifts you rep out on workouts actually seem copmetition worthy to win. So you might be able to attempt some pie in the sky lifts b/c youll just smoke your competition…and isnt it in about 3-4 weeks?

Yes, May 31st…its a pretty big meet, its actualy the qualifier to the world championship for this federation, WNPF, and there is drug testing that day, but i got nothing to worry about so its alllll good…depending on how well my fist 2 lifts go, like i said, i may just go for 500 on the squat, but i gotta see, i dont wanna jump the gun or get my hopes up, ill take it 1 day at a time…
alcubano, i think working up to a 3rep max would be great! definitely go for it…how many weeks have you been training straight for at this point?? just curious…i may have missed over it, but do you incorporate any Good Mornings or Glute Ham Raises into your workouts??

2 months i think. haven’t tried the good morning because I’m afraid of having shitty form with it. dont have a glute ham raise at my gym but i heard that you can do it without the machine?

hmmm im not sure how to do them without a machine?? i know they have those like floor pieces that you can do them on, but they are super old school, ive only seem them in my gym and thats it…you should try to incorporate them into your workouts, wear a belt!! i only started doiing them about 10 weeks ago, and wow, strength gains have been amazing!! when i first started i was only doin about 165 for like 8 and i felt really shitty doing them, like my form was off or something??

this past Tuesday i did 235 for 8…and i feel much stronger on both my deadlift and squat since doing them…so maybe when you start ur next training routine you could fit them in somewhere, and work your way up in strength with them…i think it will help out alot…also, elevated RDLs have help get my strength up tremendously in my deadlift…just 2 exercises that you could think about doing in the future!