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Almost Zero Appetite the Past Few Months. Estrogen Issue?

Can estrogen or something else control hunger?

The past few months I’ve had almost 0 appetite, my stomach feels like it’s twisted in a permanent knot and I feel like my ab muscles/stomach are constantly flexing? It’s a very strange sensation and I’m going to bring it up to my doctor next week.

But when I started TRT my hunter went up, now it’s lower than before I started TRT. How do hormones affect hunger because something is out of whack. Thanks.

No other drug introduction? I mean it sounds like its more than just a Ghrelin issue here considering you are saying your abdominals are cramping.

In one study I read, with women on estradiol replacement, the higher their E2 the more Ghrelin they found in their blood stream.

Well what’s weird is before TRT I had insane hunger and metabolic syndrome and GI bleeding for 5 years. After TRT I shed 60 pounds, GI bleeding stopped in 48 hours, swelling and inflammation went down, but my hunger disappeared. My lipids normalized, my insulin went down.

Legit question - mental health issues? Anxiety or depression?

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You should check your potassium levels.

Too high estrogen will inhibit hunger yes, happends to me on cycle due to high estrogen.

Interesting, lately before lunch I have been feeling fatigued and lunch cures the problem, but my appetite in the morning is not that high. Later in the day I have what I would call a normal appetite.

I think something else is going on. I’ve had this “tight stomach” feeling for 3 months, have seen pigmentation patches of melanin on my groin area I’ve never seen before (not an STD) and have lost pubic hair, leg hair, arm hair.

Melanin increases from adrenals so idk wtf is going on. First 6 months of TRT were amazing and now I’m losing body hair, can barely eat food once a day, and I havn’t had an erection in months even with cialis and viagra.

Are you under stress? My E is high, workouts have slowed down in last two weeks, I have been under a lot stress lately too. I have noticed that my Appetite has decreased significantly. Im ok with the leaner look, but Im not as hungry as I should be, and its not something Id like to sustain. Ive decided to switch to a meal provider in order to wet my appetite again. Im not sure if E is the problem though, most likely its the stress. Starting this weekend Im going to start working out hard again. The stress is most likely my issue. As for losing hair… how are your T levels? When I run T levels above 1500, erections and hair are out of control.

When you say erections are out of control, is that in a good or a bad way?!

Bad way. Even porn doesn’t work. Never even gets fully there even with cialis and viagra. I’m just going to rage inject 200mg a week and see if it fixes it.

Both good and bad. I can get instant erections immediately but the bad part is rock hard erections in my sleep that wake me up and require me to do squats to force the erection to go down. Feels uncomfortable due to the pressure and ligament stretch. Im not going make any claims but I have noticed that my dick has gotten fuller, longer, and veiny. But only if I drive my T levels up.
HCG makes it worse, but Im not well educated with the effect of HCG to know what is happening in my brain. Ive read that a damaged or manipulated Hypothalamus can cause priapism. Its happened several times in which HCG will spike my T and E along with 220mg/wk of T, and my erections are OOC(out of control). At first it was nice but I lose sleep when the erections persist once I go into REM sleep. I never go past a full hour of rock hard erections so its not damaging anything, its just annoying. Other than that, my girl has noticed and cant stop talking about my dick. Its very obvious that I have stretched my dick in all directions, while in my sleep. Yet, there is no proof that penis enlargement is a side effect of high T in a 46yo man. All I have is a happy customer who suddenly started leaving me great reviews, after 20 yrs of service.

Ha excellent! Well, I say excellent… I can see how that could get annoying. Im looking to fix my erections, a year in now but the past year I’ve been on an AI & HCG, havent really got it dialled in ans got some decent erections. I got fed up 3 weeks ago and dropped the HCG & AI. Not improvement yet of course, I imagine my hormones are all over the place atm. But hoping just T makes it easier and quicker to dial in and therfore, get my decent erections back

Good that you dropped the AI, and never touch the stuff again. As for HCG, you can reintroduce it later, and inject it at night to see if you can give yourself those annoying nocturnal erections. In the meantime, I say go big on the T dose. Low T dose is no different than being low T. I feel better at 1500TT and up, which freaks out everyone. I say fuck it, live like a lion and give em hard dick.

Thanks. I think it was a good idea, I couldn’t get all the pieces to work, so just on T now. I was on around 125mg a week plus a little HCG and AI, the hard erections weren’t there. So ditched both and am at a fairly decent dose of 150mg a week now. A bit of a guessing game tho as I dont know how much test I was getting from the HCG. So this amount may be too little, or too much. Will do bloods end of March. And that will be 8 weeks since the change so will have given things enough time to see if its working

Well James, you dont have much to lose. Go big and see where that takes you. Ive been on 220mg/wk for 4 months now and its gotten better. No AI and everything is good. Im working on lowering my stress levels though. Cortisol fucks things up.

Thanks man, appreciate it. You think 150mg is a good starting place? On my previous protocol of 125mg test with a low dose of HCG & AI my total was 20nmol (7-29) and free with 0.4 (0.2 - 0.7) but the dick just wasnt playing ball at those numbers. Not as it should be anyway, it was always a struggle and the mad hardness is not there

I think 160mg is a good start. You’ve been on TRT for a year now so your body is accustomed to exogenous T. A low dose cycle of test is not a bad idea to experiment with what dose relieves your symptoms. 300mg is cycling for the majority of us, with 250 being the high end of TRT. Going big can be revealing. So experiment to see what your body responds to. I settled on 220 for TRT. Im a much better person with a functional mind and body. Lower doses take me back to how Ive always been… low T.

For anyone interested, I lowered my dose to 100mg a week (from 140mg a week), with 50mg twice a week dosing, and the knot in my stomach is gone, anxiety is down, sleep is better, I have an appetite again, sensitivity to my junk returned, blood flow to my junk returned, and erections are harder than ever. ~2 weeks at 100mg/week now and I’ve seen all symptoms resolve…so in my case more was not better.

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Happy ending!:+1:
(full pun intended)

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