Almost Screwed First Cycle Before Starting. Advice?

Soooo, I thought I’d researched well enough only to realise late in the day that I’d screwed up before I’d even started.
I focused on managing sides when looking into things and I’d not fully understood some of the terminology, specifically around shutdown.
Basically I assumed that shutdown was managed via PCT and very nearly kicked off an oral only cycle of Anabol and Stanabol. I was prepared to manage the liver risk with supps and sacking off alcohol. However, now I’m better read (I’ll keep TNation as my sole source of info from now on) I understand that without a Test base, I’ll lose what I gain, so it’s simply not worth it.

So, back to basics, I want to run a Test only first cycle. I don’t want to run it for too long and I’m looking for moderate gains, nothing too severe but enough to educate my brain and my body, so I can then look at a 2nd with the Dbol and Winny, if I still wish.

*What Test is best for a) 1st cycle and b) a short(ish) cycle?
*If I purchase 250 mg/ml (10 ml) and run 500/week, with Sunday afternoon and Wednesday night before bed, how many amps would I need to purchase to match my cycle?
*AI, okay I know next to nothing about this, I assume it’s an oral, does it carry usual Oral sides or not. This is my biggest fear as I know so little.

  • I’ve got both Clomid and Nolvadex as well as the winny and dbol, I’m guessing for Test only, all i need to Nolva - correct??

Finally, a bit about me.
*46, cranky and fed up (so please keep replies helpful as I don’t tolerate bullshit well. I’m here for help, I know I need help as I nearly screwed up huge, so please play nice)
*Overweight due to a beer belly, although overall bodyfat isn’t too bad, my belly is like a pregnant hippo.
*6 ft, 100KG, BF probably 22% (see above)
*1 week into diet and feeling good. 2 weeks zero alcohol (my nemisis) and feeling good about that too.
*Last year my personal bests were: Bench 110kg, Dead 180kg, OHP 65kg, Squat 170kg but I’ve not done strength biased training for a while.

Current training intense cardio 4-5 times/week, hypertrophy training 2/week, strength training 3/week.

I train twice daily Mon-Fri. I can handle this fine, despite intensity. I stretch, roll, use EMS/TENS machine most days. I eat 2852kcal, measured and macro’d.

Goal, add strength and moderate size initially. If all goes well, reassess goal and then reduce cardio, increase calories and go for strength with a bit more size.

Sorry for war and peace post, I hope you guys can put this old man back on track after he nearly screwed up so badly.

A lot of people are going to tell you to get the BF down before starting due to the increased chances of sides. If you’re dead set on doing it.

Wk 1-12 Test E 500mg/wk (250mg pinned twice per week)
Wk 14-15 Nolvadex 40mg every day
Wk 16-17 Nolvadex 20mg every day

You’ll need an AI like arimidex. You say you know next to nothing about this, but because your BF is so high it’s likely your body will aromatize at a higher rate. Everyone doses these things differently. Test E takes a while to kick in so maybe start in week 2 or 3 depending on how you’re feeling taking 0.25mg Arimidex eod depending on your sides you’ll experience from the test and high body fat.

To answer your question on how much to get, if you can get vials it’s just easier. 3 10ml vials is enough for 12 weeks with some room for error.

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Thanks very much. I’m trying to get BF down but I’ve always struggled. Im hoping my dialled in diet is going to help in that. Thanks for the info re: arimidex

Dpeels hit it all on the head.

I am commenting because I wondering if I understood what you wrote. Did you think you would buy ampules and then drink them? You made comment about assuming it’s oral. For the record you have to inject oil suspended hormones. Taking them orally will do nothing at all.

You could run a shorter cycle with testosterone propionate but then you would need to inject every other day. Getting testosterone enanthate or testosterone cypionate is really the best way to go on a first cycle. Divide your dose into two equal shots per week. I like pinning or injecting after my shower on Sunday and Wednesday nights. I am clean and relaxed. Don’t worry about injecting yourself it will take a little getting use to but if you are careful and go in with a slow steady insertion you can actually push the needle in without feeling it. I recommend 25guage this will keep you from injecting too fast and get a 1.5 inch needle length. Something tells me you are not in the states so that length will be around 37-38mm’s if memory serves me. Look up sterile injection techniques. Also look up where exactly where to inject in your glute. I like to lay on my side that way the glute is relaxed. If I did it standing then my glute would be tense and I would feel it more. I keep saying glute really it’s almost your hip where you inject, at least that’s what they teach now.

I would also say I would like to see your body fat lower but you will do what you choose to do either way. Just so you know the human liver can process fat OR alcohol at any given time, not both. So when you drink then the liver has to process all the alcohol then switch back over to fat. I don’t know how long the change over takes but it has to take longer and longer the older we are and how much we stress our livers. I say all this because it is going to take you a little while to gather your supplies for the cycle. If you quit drinking now you will loose some fat before the cycle and it will also let your liver get a little healthier before you put steroids in your body. Now oral steroids are toxic to the liver and injectables tend to not be toxic but they still put a load on the liver. That testosterone enanthate molecule has to have the liver break off the enanthate part to free up the testosterone so then it can go do it’s thing. The enanthate is kind of like a molecular time release in practice. It’s not toxic to your liver but your liver does have to work harder to digest or process it.

Im gonna give you my honest opinion and that is you should not be blasting anything right now until you get yourself together naturally and get thay bf/beer gut down and educate yourself more on male hormones, aas, and the ancillary drugs used for cycles.

May I also suggest scheduling an appointment with a endo and getting your hormones checked you could probably benefit a lot from trt. This would also give you a nice base to accomplish some goals before ever entertaining a blast.

Thanks for the advice people. Greatly appreciated. Will try and get my BF down and will follow on from there.

Thanks. TRT in the UK is like gold dust. Even nailed on cases hardly ever get prescribed it.

Ther is always the option of doing it yourself. Even here in the US most trt isn’t covered by insurance you pay for your test etc the doctor just prescribes it. So if you have a solid source and are dedicated monitoring bloods and feel you are educated enough you can always do it on your own.

I just think blasting at this point is going to negatively affect you. I think your gonna run into a host of problems and possibly even put on fat. Your gonna have a lot of potential estrogen conversion and it’s gonna be hell trying to manage.

I appreciate the info. More thought required.

It’s good to have your perspective

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