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Hey guys!

I’ve been on/off mainly off this site for years… but now that I’m ALMOST 50 and getting more and more Frustrated with everything I try this maybe my last hope! I’ve been working out for 12 years now… yeah I’ve gotten gains (from 130 to 160 now!) still not the size i wanna be.

I know my diet is in check and my workouts are good (had tons of different BB trainers) I know my next step is to get and refer to “anabolics 2007”

My biggest problem is I travel for work an awful lot and i know I can’t keep the stuff with me. So I still have a dilemma of what to do when Traveling for a 2 week span! anyway thought I needed to start writing something - so I can get my fckn ass on the right page toward a bigger Harder bod!

I also want to do it the RIGHT / BEST way possible…

PS… any and all comments are welcome!!!

at 50 your Natty Test is prob in the low range anyway. see your doc have it checked, if it’s low than you can carry it anywhere as a prescription…

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thanks guys!

I just wrote a thread about this like a week ago. here it is

this should all apply to you.

Thanks George