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Almost Passed Out


I hit a new program tonight and almost passed out towards the end of the session. I had to wobble to my car, and even then I had to lay the seat back and close my eyes for about 20 minutes.

I regularly stumble out of the gym, but this was different-I felt like I was about to drop at any minute. Anybody experience something similar or have any advice for avoiding this?


This happens about every time I do 20 rep back squats. Besides trying to control your breathing better there isn't much you can do, assuming it was strenuous exercise induced and not lack of food or a health issue.

What were you doing?


Dont do the workout?

I know that its hard core to push your self that hard but you will find you can still make great progress without taxing your self like that.

If you squat 135,225,315,405,495 all for sets of 10 deep shoulder width squats you will have huge legs, but you wont have to feel like you want to throw up and sleep for 3 days when your done.

Think about it.


I have come very close to puking and passing out a few times at the gym. Lucky for me it hasn't happened yet but squat/leg days sometimes kill me.


yes this happens every time i have a bad pre meal like fast food-fucks my stomach up and I just feel nauseous and want to pass out.-

So question is how was your diet that day, too little food or possibly bad food? If this isn't it you were probably somewhat sick-it is flue season- and pushed yourself bit too much and felt sick.


Similar feeling on every leg training day.


I hit three supersets in a row of chest and back-than some incline sit ups with a 45 plate in about 50 minutes - Something I never thought would make me feel woozy. One thing I noticed was that I had an insane pump one minute and the next I was flat and turning white. This was the weird part.

I had some egg whites and oatmeal with some fruit and a little gatorade an hour or so before lifting. I grabbed a handful of blueberries before heading out the door to the gym. It tasted like I was going to throw those up.


Close, I have incorperated some Waterbury inspired circuitsin ot my routine, by about set 5, I am ready to puke and die, by set 10 I was ready to fall over, puke, and die. The world was dimmer than normal for a few minutes, that's for sure. I even had literal tears forming in my eyes.
I am not doing that today, that's for sure.


Been there, done that - it's low blood sugar. If you're doing a workout that's metabolically demanding, make sure you get proper nutrition immediately before and during your workout, not just after. For Surge users, I recommend splitting it in half and consuming part between sets or exercises (as needed, really) and the rest after you're done.


Been there a few times. It's usually from pushing on when my body is telling me to slow down.

I combat this by longer rests between sets when I feel light headed or nauseous. I've even stopped a workout when I felt sick and got an intense headache. You can always go back tomorrow.


Man, when I did this program, about halfway thru when it started getting to heavier weights I felt like this for a good 15 minutes after each set.

Honestly, I'd rack the bar and then just as graceful, as to not make everyone think I went unconcious and passed out, as I possibly could I'd just lay down with my lungs and legs on fire for a good 5-10 minutes contemplating dropping a 45 pound plate on my cranium. Actually, at one point I decided to do it... but failed miserably at even budging the plate.

Yeah, it happens every once in a while. Usually on leg days. It usually happens to me if I'm not feeling too good, or I ate something crappy pre-workout, or didnt eat anything recently before I lift, or dont hydrate properly. It could be a number of things.

Just take it easy when it happens. Take a break, take longer rest intervals, drink more water, etc...