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Almost No Gains in 4 Weeks

im 42 years old now and trained my whole life (martial art and weights). I use to get awesome pump and gained 10-15 pounds when i used testosterone. The last couple of years i dont get that feeling anymore (juiced only before summer). I was off gear for 3 years and still nothing special happened. Now i got pharmacy test but gained only 5 pounds in 4 weeks (500mg week). i added dbol (10mg) a day and holycrap i got that pump again. i could feel that my body was getting bigger. i have dropped the dbol ,but why dont i get the good roid pump with test only?

What are your stats? How many calories are you consuming?

17% bodyfat
calorie intake is 2000 but its because i have Amyloidosis wich prevent me from eating enough. But still i got pump and weight with dbol.

With 2000 you would constantly lose weight and muscle

Are you sure?

My bazal metobolizm burns 2000+

I am 178 cm and 100 kg

i dont loose weight thats for sure :slight_smile: or else i would have been skinny now. I eat clean food and use doryan yates HIT training. The thing is i have been in coma 2 years ago and struggled a lot after that. Now im eating more (still less then before) and training hard again. But the thing is why did the dbol gave me gains and pump with the same calorie intake? i use to take 25-30mg dbol a day before and now with only 10mg i got the same response.

Some compounds are much better at producing that pumped feeling you’re describing; dbol is one of them.

Dianabol increases nitrogen and water retention, that’s the reason for your insane pumps. That’s what I feel. More experienced users here might give you a better response.