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Almost Kicked Out of the Gym for Puking


Hi I'm wondering if anything like this ever happen to any of you. Today I went out to do my leg workout ... I was doing my last heavy set to failure .. was able to squeeze a solid 12 reps out then of course... I started feeling dizzy went to the nearest trash can and proceeded to puke...

Of course I workout at an average gym dumbbells go up to 125 a few powerlifters and the gym doesn't mind noise. So alot of the fitness club ''fouls'' are allowed.

So anyway after my workout was done the owner comes up to me and says you can't do that. And proceeds to explain to me that I cannot puke in his gym like that.People saw me and complained about. He was almost threatening me to a point of banning me. The guy has an impressive physique uses quite a few anabolic(s) and this was his response.
I asked him puzzled you know how these things go I'm sure you puked plenty of times. To which he answered to me I've been training for around 20 years and have competed on stage and have never puked. MY JAW just dropped to floor.. has something like this ever happened to any of you .. what would you do . Bare with me he has one of the only 24h gyms in town. Does this make any sens to any of you? Should I still go to his gym or start looking for a new place to lift?


Puke in the bathroom like everyone else.


I used to puke once in a while, I just stopped eating so close to workouts, and my body also adjusted to intense leg workouts. Now I can do high rep squats anywhere from 20-100 reps, and I'll be dizzy and lightheaded, but puking doesn't even occur to me.


It was rather far and I would of made a serious mess on the floor.


There house there rules. Sounds like a good spot if they don't mind you dropping shit. Next time try to make it to the bathroom. Until you can have your own spot you will always have to play by someones else house rules.


I know what you mean that's exactly my workout partner's answer but what shocked me the most was the owner's response on how he never puked it made no sens to me and this guy competed... and I am not one of those frequent puking types either...


Not everyone pukes. And come on he could have also been lying to drive home his point.


Did you tell him that it just came out of nowhere, and had you tried to make it to the bathroom, you would have puked on the floor? Despite it being against the rules(though I'm sure not actually a written rule anywhere), any reasonable person wouldn't come close to threatening to kick you out of the gym for that. Maybe the guy's just a dick though and isn't a reasonable person.


I should bring a metal bucket next time.


No rules are stated anywhere about puking at my gym.We have a few PLS, Bodybuilders like MR NEW-BRUNSWICk heavyweight here even a scary female bodybuilder so you see I am sure a few of them puked a few times oh and a few good MMA'S guys as well... But The bathroom was not an option it was far away from the squat rack and the can was two feet away from it.


Did you tell him the bathroom was not an option? Were you apologetic?


I have an other story regarding membership fee's. The guy is a total animal called me at 7:00 AM for membership fees only to realize they were payed off but his employee didn't put it in the system until that day.


I was totally apologetic, thankful even that he didn't ban me. I mean he does have one of the only 24h gyms around and those around here are RARE


I've never seen anyone puke at the gym.


I seen it happen a couple of times ( at different gyms)


I guess the gyms I've been going to aren't that hardcore, because I have yet to see a person puke in the gym either.

I must not be training hard enough, because even after 20-rep squats I feel dizzy, out of breath, a bit nauseous....but nowhere near ready to puke in a trash can.


I've never puked in the gym. I would probably complain to if someone puked in the trash can and not in the bathroom.


For the sake of argument between the floor and a tall trash can which is better for everyone's else viewing pleasure?


2 -3 minute straight sets of squats can do it... I've seen a few puking after H.I.T workouts. I don't like or use Crossfit in anyway but don't they have a puking clown for a mascot???


Obviously the trash can is better in that instance, but I have a hard time believing that you couldn't have made it to the bathroom. I guess next time just head for the locker room once you kill your last set and your head starts spinning, because now you know what's coming.