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Almost Keto Pancakes


I figured I would contribute this recipe for pancakes. It's pretty basic, and tastes pretty good without a shit ton of carbs. Hopefully you like it (should be really good with that no cal syrup if that's something you want)

6 eggs
1/4c flax meal
1/4c oats ground into flour
10 drops stevia or 2 servings equivalent sweetener
2tsp vanilla extr.
Butter to cook (I used about 1.5tbsp)
1 serving (32g) peanut butter to top.

Mix everything but the butter and PB, cook in butter. One note, I would cook the pancakes lightly and not let it brown exactly. Let it cook too long and you will get that lovely sulfer smell and make them nice and dry. These will be a little thin, I guess you could add some whey if thats an issue. Top with PB.

54g P
46g C, ~16g of that fiber
84g F

1100 cal

Personally, I think it's a much better way to down a handful of eggs. Let me know how they go.


Cool. I've been making something very similar, but using coconut flour instead. It tends to bring carb count down and fat up, which seems what you are shooting for here. You could also add cinnamon, nutmeg, cocoa powder with minimal change to the macro split.


Im not exactly looking for keto, but I like the idea. Its just a low carb meal for me really.
I also forgot to add the other flavor what-nots (cinnamon, nutmeg and chocolate flavoring from TP).

I'll have to try the coconut flour at some point, I couldnt imagine it taking anything away from what I made, at all.


Does It taste sweet?


I actually really like the flavor of coconut flour. It has a very sweet smell, and tastes just as good. I'm kind of a paleo guy, so that's why this recipe is right up my alley =)


Thats far from Keto in my opinion. I would sub in some almond flour instead of the oats and also add some protien powder.


Im with you on that one, but this is a slightly cheaper version (typical broke college guy here haha).
Also, I guess it depends on the person. I could get in a (small) bowl of oats and stay in ketosis, with about 45g carbs for the day. Not certain how since I was around 160lbs then, maybe metabolism, not sure.

How good is the almond flour, in general recipes? I know Chris S swears by the stuff...


How do you know whether you're in ketosis or not? Are you taking urine samples?


Yes, I did, those keto stix things. Also, i smelled like i was eating straight asparagus when i pissed...
This was in the past. Keto diets were hard on me, even eating massive amounts. I don't think my body digested the high fats too well, lost about a lb a day for 2 weeks solid, but didn't regain very much back (3-4lbs back) even after starting a regular diet. I was intaking about 5k in calories, but not digesting it well. I may do it again in the future, but i will surely adjust more beforehand.


So you were trying to gain on keto?


^^^^ come on dude..... almost a year here and 600 posts and you don't recognise KROC???


muahahaha...now they'll NEVER know what you're referring to! For real, thanks for the heads up...I need to get a life...sigh.


^^^^ lol very sweet move there, i do believe you redeemed yourself and we can let it slip...... this time lol. And kudos on the shay laren gif sweet jesus, just by reading ur post i get to look at here lol.

Sorry for the derail... yeah pancakes look good!


haha nice, im right there with you.


Yes, well it was the anabolic diet later, but I wanted to see how I responded to ketosis for a few weeks first, since I was already there. Honestly, I would try another run at it, but right now money isnt right for it and carbs are cheap, just as it was then :confused: