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Almost Got Into a Fight at the Gym


Almost got into a fight with a 38 year old douche at the gym today

a little background about me: I'm 21 years old, bulked from 110 to 160 last year, and I'm still trying to gain more, been going to the same shitty commercial gym(LA fitness) during off-peak hours.

Anyways, today was leg day, I had heavy box squats, bulgarian split squats, and romanian deadlifts along with some calf work on my agenda. Towards the end of the box squats this 38 year old dude, one head shorter than me, and probably 50 lbs heavier than me(probably in fat) came up to me and started talking shit about how he could "out curl, and out bench" me.

He does this shit everyday, normally I'm whatever about it, but today I politely told him, "look man, fuck off and leave me alone...hopefully when I'm your age, I'll have better things to do than talk shit to people 17 years younger than me at 3 in the afternoon" Then after threatening me, he walked away and started talking shit to the 4 other people in the weightroom about MY lack of progress. saying stuff like: this guy does CRAZY ass exercises and he's STILL the same size.

this guy does variations of the bench press, curls, leg extensions, and smith machine squats. that's all i've seen him do

in my head, I'm like: yeah man...squats are the most unusual exercise ever.

This is the first direct confrontation I've had in the gym with someone, so I'm asking you, does this guy just have little-dick syndrome and feels the need to compensate by bothering people all the time, or was I being rude?

despite the bullshit, I still managed to finish my work out while he kept talking.


Lift big, eat big, sleep big.

Then when you are big, pesky mosquitoes like that older dude will just be a minor nuisance.


Not sure why you had qualify the douche with an age. Douches come in all ages, shapes and sizes. Your best revenge is to keep getting stronger. Also, no matter where you are in the gym, laugh out loud without looking in his direction everytime he completes a set.


How on earth do you know this guys age, lol. was his age tattood on his forehead? and what difference does it make a persons chronilogical age. honestly, i think this whole thread is complete and utter crap. nobody just goes up to someone, and brags how they can out bench and out curl you. I guess its possible, but i have never seen it happen. most guys are to busy with their own workouts to care about what anyone else is doing. again though, how do you know his chronilogical age. just a silly made up post.


Put it in his wife's butt...



outsquat him and give him some milk.


I know this guy's age, because he always talks to me a the gym and never shuts up. I'm not making this up at all lol. He constantly runs his mouth and started the whole "I can out out-curl you" argument on friday and continued it today.


Something similar happened to me. I was doing bulgarian split squat and the guy next to me ridiculed the type of exercises I was doing. He thought I couldn't hear him because I had my Ipod on with me. You just have to laugh at how ignorant people can be.

If you're secure on who you are, the best revenge is to IGNORE him. Use it as your FUEL.


He's trying to get under your skin. Why let him win?

Smile and say, "That's nice."

If you talk back, you engage him and you fall into the pattern that he's expecting: to get a rise out of you and entertain himself and his friends/spectators.

If he gets belligerent for some reason, THEN say something, else just smile and laugh at him. He's already senile at 38.


Sarcasm is fun. "CAN YOU REALLY? SHIT BRO YOU MUST BE SWOLL. DAMN, I SHOULD GET MY SHIT TOGETHER SO I CAN BE JUST LIKE YOU SOMEDAY. THANKS FOR THE 'ADVICE'!" Then laugh in his face maniacally till your face turns red. Better to be called a crazy asshole than a pussy. And once youre bigger than him you'll still be called a crazy asshole but at least you'll be that big crazy asshole. Worked for me once in high school. Still see the guy, no interaction.


But RogueVampire kind of has a point, why was this guy suddenly just spouting shit at you? It's one thing to brag about yourself to someone but blatantly talking shit without provocation sounds off.


The 38 year old bully is clearly broken.

Something isn't right w/ him.

It could be your passion in life to find out what makes him the way he is, then expose him in public and spin him further out into the ether.


Do what the other folks said and ignore him.

I say ignore him. You have better things to do with your time and energy.


This guy does that. I shit you not, he comes up to me between his endless sets of bench press to tell me shit. Picture a squat-rack-curling carlos mencia. that's an accurate depiction of this guy.


'scuse me?




I'm guessing the point of mentioning his age was to really drive home the douchery. Seriously, a guy in his thirties talking shit to teenagers? "Man if coach would have put me in, we woulda won state."

Ignore him as much as possible. Ipods really help with this, whenever he tries to talk to you, just point at your earphones and yell, "I CAN'T HEAR YOU".

If he continues to harass you, you could always complain to management. SOunds kind of pussy-ish, I know, but it's better than potentially getting into a fight with him.


Ohhhhhhhh... haha!

Well, at least i'm not senile.


He can't bother you if he's dead. Just sayin.