Almost Done with First Cycle, Test/Win. Recommended PCT?

I have two weeks left in my first cycle. Ran 350 mg test e/every week and 50 win every day for 8 weeks and test for the remaining 4. What is the optimal pct? I have access to Clomid, Arimidex, femera, and nolva.


You should have done more research if you don’t know the difference between a SERM and an AI. PCT requires a SERM. You never take an AI in PCT.

Clomid sucks as it is highly estrogenic. I recommend Nolvadex, which is best dosed at 10mg EOD x30 days as your PCT. But, you will have guys tell you to take 20mg daily, which is overkill. You’ll feel terrible for no reason. I personally use Fareston 1/4 tab (15mg) once every 4 days for 30 days. These are powerful drugs, more is not better.

What is up with all these guys posting lately asking what a PCT is when they are finishing a cycle?? These are VITAL things you should have looked up before you even bought your gear let alone started pinning. There is TONS of info online that is very easy to access.

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I have,just wanted a second opinion bud