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Almost Done with Bulking Cycle. Need Tips Preparing for Cutting Cycle

My current stats:
Age: 22
Height: 172cm
Weight: 81kg
Bf: 14%
SMM: 40.3kg
BFM: 11.6KG
BMI: 27.4

I’m nearing the end of my bulking cycle. I cycled a cocktail mix of Test E 150mg, bolde 150mg, tren 100mg for 16 weeks. Now I’m preparing for my cutting cycle. I plan on laying off any juice/supplements for 2 weeks before i start my new cycle to rest my liver and i would get my blood work checked. I’m thinking about injecting Winstrol together with test E and oral clenbuterol for my cutting cycle. Any thoughts on this?? Other suggestions and advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

So you’re going from a 16 week cycle to another cycle immediately after? No pct? No time off?


Unless you are going to blast and cruise I’d highly recommend running a proper pct.

As far as the cutting drugs what dose and how long are you going to run them?

Sorry it’s actually 14 weeks. I was injecting 1ml twice every week. I plan on doing my pct at the after my cutting cycle since I’m only resting for 2 weeks before i start my cutting cycle. Im going to get my blood work get checked to see if everthing is good to go.

Na man that’s not a good idea. I’m all about long cycles but that’s just too much there is nothing about this plan that is a good idea.

Commit to blast and cruise or do it properly pct then cut. When you start making up your own rules is when you run into problems.

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So you spent 14 weeks putting on size and then want to immediately start cutting into that size, giving your body no time to get used to being heavier, then pct? That’s all kinds of bad my man.

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