Almost Done the Home Gym!

So over the last few years I’ve been collecting equipment for a serious powerlifting lifting gym. The list of equipment goes as follows

47lbs of chain
2 jumpstrech medium bands/1 mini band
Oly Bar
2 Thick bars, one hollow 20lb, one sold 70lb
2 Logs, one 12inch 95lb, one 140lb 16inch all oly plate loadable.
100lb Keg
Saftety Squat Bar
Trap bar
Kettlebells, two 88lbs, one 73lb, one 52lb, one 45lb, one adjustable
One set of 120lb dumbbells
Ajustables dumbbells from 20-70lbs
Power rack, with chinup bars, and dip bars
Olympic Bench (needs an upgrade)
550lbs or weight (will be adding more)
Captain of crush grippers, trainer, #1, #2
Thick bars for dumbbell handles
large Ultimate Sandbag
deadlift platform

Not all these items are show in the pictures, I’ve had them at my gym and will be moving them home soon.

Just looking input on equipment I’m missing and comments.