Almost, but still don't think I'm ready!

Please read even though long, I apoligize for the length, but many of us may be facing much of the same problems so I hope you take the time to read it and reply.

I’ve been so close to starting the juice its ridiculous. I have gone so far as to call and see if my buddy could get the stuff for me. I then called back the next day and told him to hold off. Not because I’m a pussy and don’t want to inject myself or am scared my balls will shrink, but because I want to do as much as I can with my genetics first. A few questions will follow the background I will provide.

I am 23, 5’10, 165 lbs. Approximately 6-8% bf. I have been training since 15, seriously for 5. At around 21 I learned the keys to nutrition and have a very strict diet. I was eating 1800 to 2000 cal day in summer to stay cut. Mostly protein (150-200g) and fat (remainder) carbs 100 to 200 grams a day.
Now I am trying to gain weight slowly to lean as I go so I shoot for .5-1 lb./week. I have upped my calories slowly firt couple weeks 2000 to 2300 cal then next couple 2100 to 2400 where am now keeping,carbs low (150 to 220g/day due to my poor reaction to them even higher levels with only low glycemic carbs except after workout where they are high (60-70carbs post workout). I have found that my carbs at this level still allow me to push through my workout and have energy all day.I am doing cycles of androsal and tribex, am in between cycles right now starting second cycle next week 70 sprays 2x/day 10-12 pills tribex a day broken into one in morning and one at night. I take 4-6g Vit C, 1200IU Vit E and a multi daily. I know based on my size and activity my calories should be higher but I don’t want to go from 1800 to 3000 so quickly because a lot of my weight will be fat and I don’t want fat, I’ve dealt with that before. My training program changes every 3 weeks using one of King’s or other t-mag programs. I am now trying for 6 to 9 weeks of different programs on 3 to 8 rep ranges with a 2 or 3 week interval to high reps. My frame size is pretty small (most guys would laugh how small my wrists are and my waste is about 29’-30 my ankles are also small, insertion points biceps 2 to 2 1/2 finger between mucle when flexed and insertion point) I prioritize my calf and hamstring training due to their lack of size. I have seen good results with my Hams but calves the jury is still out on.

Finally the questions:

What more can I do? does only time tell
Any recomendations for better splits or diet information?
Possible genetic limitations or even an idea about what kind of size I most likely can develop with my given info about my frame size (sorry can’t be more specific, all i know is my frame seems real small, I can gain fat but hard to gain muscle)
I am on my last legs, i spend lots of time researching but I an exhausted with trying to find more information that is new to me.

Any and all information is appreciated as well as any additional recommendations you can make, even if juice should be in picture and when (I Know all is only opinion based on informaiton given, whatever you can provide is appreciated).