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Almost Beginner In BB


I am 33 y.o., 180cm (5.90 feet), 91kg (200.2 lbs). Lifting some 20 months. Often used glutamine, just once creatine, eating fish everyday (about 400-500g (0.4-1.1 lbs)). I tried WHEY first time in may this year and now I see I had to do it much earlier. I know my progress is nothing special, but I will continue...
My goals are not to be pro-bodybuilder, but to look nice and to feel good.
First photo made in summer 2005. Second and third in a gym on may 2007. Fourth in july 2007.


Thank you for my first rating (4)! I was afraid It's gonna be much lower :-))


Nice progress from the first photo. Although, before I can rate you need some shots of the legs and back


Good progress. Keep up the good work


Thank you all for your ratings and advices! Unfortunately, I don't have good photo of my legs and back. But I have to say I am more than satisfied with your ratings :slight_smile: I won't stop now!


great job there keep up the good work youve made alot of progress


look, it's mini-Thib's


Hahaha, :smiley: do I have to take it as compliment, or you've just being sarcastic? :slightly_smiling:
Anyway thank you! I didn't know who is Thib...I've google for it and I have to say "yes, I like your comparation" :-)) just...I will never look like him...unfortunately.


Wow! Who gave me more than 4? Who ever gave me let me buy him (her) a drink! :slight_smile: Thank you guys!


If you look at the progress you've made over 2 years, I think it's safe to say that you're doing very well. overall your entire torso is a lot thicker. And while not shredded, your abs stick show through. Now keep going! -lol



Never say never, have you seen what Thib looked like before he looked like what he does now, it's crazy. Keep at it, I can see some definate improvement.




great job there keep up the good work

fino si napredovao


O Markoni, pa gde si ti? :slightly_smiling:


Oh, yeah! It's really incredible! :open_mouth:


good improvement


Thanx bmitch. You guys really inspire me to go on :slightly_smiling:


tu sam , ja sam ovde starosedeoc