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Almost At A Milestone. W00t

Due to a malfunctioning weight scale telling me that I was 98.5 kilos and me getting ever pissed at myself. I decided that I needed to put myself on a fast fat diet aka Velocity diet. Well I was skeptical of the scale since it was a little wonky behaving I picked up a new one for 14 bucks. It turns out that I was actually 91.5 kilos… I almost cried when I saw that. In a span of 10.5 months I have lost a grand total of 80 pounds.

I did mostly eating proteins during weekdays and little carb load on the weekends. I know I lost a little muscle mass but compared to the sheer amount of flubber that I have lost I am ecstatics.

All I got to say, I love you Muay Thai/Boxing/Sambo and weight lifting. Chuck Liddel you are my hero, and thank you tnation for kicking my newbie ass into doing some reading and setting me on some straight goals.

PS… I just realized that I must have been 60% body fat at one point in time… How the hell did I let myself get into that state I will never know.