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Almost 50


Stats and lifts as follows

Wt = 245
Ht = 6'4"

Deads = 405 for 6
Bench = 350 for 8
Squats = 385 for 8

About to start to get cut up a bit more for summer. Constructive comments appreciated.


Rear bis


Relaxed torso


legs a work in process


Well done! How long have you been training?


Your bench is way better than your dead and squat, needs more wheels.

Overall solid, especially for a guy in the twilight of his lifting career.


you look awesome in general, but for your age you are in amazing shape. U should try using the trap bar for your legs, I know its not meant for that but it has made my quads look much better since using it.

Not that your upper body needs it just curious if you have ever used weighted dips, on an angled dip station? I recommend it.


Some replies. Lifting for 15 years, but only seriously for the last 3 or 4. In my mid 40s I decided to get in better shape at 50 than I was at 20. Like many, I neglected my legs too long, so my deads and squats need to both come up 100 pounds at least to be comparable to my bench. Maybe I am kidding myself, but I dont feel like I am in the "twilight" of my lifting career.

I still out train pretty much every 20-something in my gym, so I'm hopeful I can keep going and make progress well into my 50s. As to the lifts, weighted dips are great...I work up to a 90 lb dumbbell for 8+. And I will start back on the trap bar for legs, not sure why I stopped using it.

Thanks for the replies.


One more random pic...


For the legs try front squats for size, ever seen Oly lifters they have great quads. For the sweep use "sissy squats" as Vince Gironda recommended. Yes go for it in the 50s when you get to the mid 60s like me you HAVE to slow down. Just make sure you do stretches as your joints will deteriorate after 60. Good luck.