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Almost 50, Considering "TRT"

Hello everybody!
My 1st post. being a lurker from time to time, I am in situation which require opinions and advices, so I will be thankfull to those who will share some wisdom :slight_smile:I was weight lifter/body builder/Jiu jitsu trainer from '98. I had great libido, being able to recover and lift, and then - two years after I started with serious gym life, I did my 1st cycle. Now, I am 49 yro and consider TRT again. It’s been 6 years since my last 12 weeks on testosterone depo cycle. I never hit hard cycle, the ones I heard people does regularly, like injecting 500-1000 mg a week adding D-bols etc. My cycles, and I had like 7,8 in my 20 years of training, never excedeed 12 weeks, usually 4-8 weeks and was pretty old school, like d-bol only, 15-20 mg a day or T shots once a week.
Recently I feel time gets me, sometime I wake sore, I lost interest in sex pretty much, my training drive is usually off etc.
I am considering 12-20 weeks on TRT, like 250 mg depo every 7 days in the begining and then continue on 2-3 injection a month - just to replace and get my energy level and vigour. After that I would use Clomid and Nolva for 3 weeks. Anybody with similar cycle dosage/age etc here?

Thank you!

I forgot to add the most important concern actually…
I never used PCT (Nolvadex,Clomid etc) I’d just went off and used Tribulus or DHEA in the past. I would feel TERRIBLE for months after my cycles. That’s why I am thinking hard should I or should I not start this.

Living a life with this 50% myself is not nice but I hate that post cycle nightmare. That’s why I would use Clomid - in hope to help through the off phase.

You dont cycle TRT. You go on for life. If you interested in doing a cycle with PCT I suggest you hit up the pharma forum for info.

Cycling on and off TRT to preserve a endocrine system that’s 50 years old doesn’t make sense, you are expected to have lower natural testosterone. Go on TRT and stay on.

that’s also scary at the moment !

Thanks for your reply. I used wrong term - trt, I wouldnt go for life (but who knows?). Like I said in OP, I would do 12 or maybe more weeks, of testosterone only cycle.

Yeah, then what you’re talking about absolutely is not TRT, it’s a plain old steroid cycle. I’ve moved thread appropriately.

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My first thread and it’s a miss :slight_smile: OK, thanx

Its not a miss… just some terms that you are not familiar with. As others have said, at your age you may want to consider TRT. Why run a 10-12 week cycle when you are just going to lose the benefits from it a few months after you stop?

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No worries. But yeah, I’m with the guys in wondering why you wouldn’t just go the legit TRT route. It’d be legal, doctor-supervised, likely covered by insurance, better risk:benefit ratio, and less hassle overall.

In any case, the idea of doing just 2-3 injections per month isn’t the best approach.

well, because I am worried, to say the least, staying on it as long as I live

My recommendation, whether you cycle or jump on TRT, is to get your baseline bloodwork done first. Test for Total T, Free T, E2, SHBG, FSH and LH at a minimum. If you are truly low T then TRT makes sense. There are actually plenty of negative health issues associated with low T so it makes sense not just for the weight room. If your T is normal, then by all means you can take a risk with a cycle but its a risk that you may need TRT thereafter.

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Tnx everybody so far. I was considering blood test but I hesitated about it since there is a several blood tests need to be done etc. definitelly I am aware that if I jump on cycle that I am facing later need for TRT, but it’s something which is happening right now - because I used steroids in the past, now my endocrine system is out of balance.

This is precisely why you should get baseline bloods to see what your body is doing. If you are in the US, you can do it through online services without a doc in most states. Or just go to your primary care, say I want the tests listed prior.

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If you were diagnosed as a diabetic, would you say the same thing about a lifetime of insulin injections? This really is no different. You may not die from lack of Test but you surely will have a shitty life.

Don’t let fear hold you back.