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Almost 4 Hour DVD of EDT

If you’re new to all of this,or just really liked EDT then here is a great deal!! “The Complete Video Guide To Escalated Density Training.”

Almost 4 hours long of complete EDT for the entire body with Charles Staley,Tim Larkin and Troy Anderson-plus there are some pretty cool “extras” thrown in to the mix. Call me at 800-519-2492 or email me at julianne@edtsecrets.com and you can have it for $55.00 (includes s/h)-do it now while I am letting you get it at preorder cost and I will throw in “The Ultimate Guide To Massive Arms” download book with Treasure Trove bonus. Don’t forget to tell me you saw it at T-Nation!!-Julianne


what about shipping to uk?

UK shipping requires an extra $5.00-Julianne

AWESOME as usual Julianne/Team Staley.

You guys/gals are always giving us the best damn deals!!

Looking Forward to the new DVD,