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Almost 30 and Feel Like Sh*t

I want to know if it’s normal for a 29 year old to need 4 days to fully recover from a workout. It’s been getting exponentially worse since I was 24. That’s the last time I remember being able to really do anything and feel fine the next day. I got my T tested when I was 25 since I remember not being able to recover from my strenuous job at that time. It was around 300 iu/dl which I believe is low for anyone in their 20s. The doc said it was too high for replacement therapy. Now I am 29 and holy shit I almost have to call into work because I can’t get out of bed. Should I get my T tested again? Is this normail for a 29 year old? I am a carpenter so I need my body to be able to function every day. Thanks.

Get tested again, fix your diet, sleep, and manage stress. Working out like a maniac requires good rest. If youre drinking energy drinks, you’re burning out

That’s not too high for TRT, just because the doc says it’s too high doesn’t mean you can’t get TRT, it means your insurance company won’t foot the bill for treatment.

There are other options, private docs can treat at their own discretion at levels as high as 500 and higher in certain circumstances, but you will have to pay for treatment. Your levels aren’t healthy and there are some studies showing cardiovascular risk at levels as low as 440 ng/dL.

You should test more than just testosterone, you need Total T, Free T, prolactin, LH and FSH. If you Total T is above 300 and your Free T is below range, then in these circumstances you should qualify for TRT.

Testing SHBG can allow you to calculate the Free T and Free T percentage. The challenge is finding a doc who is knowledgeable enough to properly diagnose you.

Before starting TRT my biggest complaint was being exhausted all the time, taking long, hard naps after lunch, not being able to get out of bed in the morning, and being unable to recover from moderate strength training. Within 8-12 weeks that was all resolved 100%. My total T levels were between 320 and 420 at 37 years old (other hormones were low enough to be outside reference ranges, ie DHT and a few others).

You might consider your weight and sleep hygiene. Do you have sleep apnea or snore?

No, it’s not normal. It’s a giant red flag that your training, nutrition, and recovery methods need attention.

What’s your height, weight, general bodyfat description? Current training plan details? What, exactly, did you eat yesterday?

What does this mean - Because your muscles are sore? Because your eyes are closing and falling back asleep? Because you’re mentally blah and just don’t feel like starting the day?