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Almost 20 Years Old, Thinking of Getting on Test

Im 19, 6’2 252 lbs about 13% be, natural. I squat around 530, bench 355, deadlift is 635. I’ve been planning on competing at the USAPL Juggernaut Showdown in 3 months and break the National record for deadlift (661.) Im new to this site, im new to powerlifting (about a 7 months of serious training, various injuries) but I’ve been lifting seriously about 3 years. I really love George leeman, and i really resonate with his point that you should stay natural and progress as long as you can, get on gear later on and be a monster. However, i plan on starting a youtube channel, and really want to look the part. I look good at the moment, but i want to look insane (like Mike Rashid when he came out of nowhere) and I know that if i took test, it would be insane. Any thoughts? Im open to all opinions and i really am just a student of the game, and want to learn as much as possible and be in this for the long haul (but i want to be a successful, rich beast too) lol. Thanks guys

At the age of 20 you want to start taking testosterone injections? And at the same time you say you “want to be in for the long haul.” In my opinion those two things are incompatible. We now know how to keep your testosterone levels high by using natural means. This is something that was unknown even 20 years ago. Getting 8 hours of sleep each night. Eating cruciferous vegetables, taking Resveratrol. Numerous other things some sold right here on this site.

Why would you upset the balance of your natural hormone levels? There is a price to pay for this. I have been around a long time and have seen what long-term use of this stuff and other unnatural “enhancers” can do to the body over a period of years. If your T levels are already in good shape simply work to keep them there through natural means. You can plenty of muscle at your age without succumbing to what I feel can end up badly for you in the long-run.

It might not be as exciting doing it the old fashion way but it sure as heck is a lot safer and healthier for your body and fits into your plans of being in this “for the long haul”.

Good Luck,


I totally understand where you’re coming from, but I too feel that you should wait at least another few years. When you turn 22-23, which is still really early for this, then take the plunge. Now if you’re going to do it regardless of what anyone tells you, be safe. I’m not gonna be the one to tell you what you should do.

Best of luck!