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Almost 2 Years

Come January will be my 2 year mark since i started working out. I started at 140lbs, in the after pic im 185, I’m currently 190 just dont have a decent pic. my quads have came up from 18 to 23 inches (not that you can tell in the pic) calves also gone up from 11 1/2 to 14 1/2 inches. (calves are still small though) I’m 5’9". just changed my goals from bodybuilding to powerlifting.
Bench 275x2
squat 485
DL (Meet: 520 @165lbs) at 190 can hit 495x5

please comment and let me know what you think

Good work! I’m currently at 140lbs, but I have more body fat on me than you did at that weight. Anyway, I’m looking to add similar numbers to my body weight as you. What are your diet and workout like over the two years? I’m especially interested in what program you started on. Thanks!

Nice deadlift. How old are you?

[quote]mrHagans wrote:
please comment and let me know what you think[/quote]
About what?

Your strength is going along great. Stay healthy and stick with it, and you’ll go where ever you want with it. I saw your deadlift thread, so congrats on the record.

Your physique is pretty tough to judge since the pics are so different. But if that’s not your focus for now, it’s probably not such a big deal.

Either way, definitely stick around and post whatever questions come up. The PL forum is filled with smart, serious guys that should be able to help keep you on track.