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Almost 2 Weeks into Prop 100 EOD


6 pins into my prop 100 eod 10 week 1st cycle. Quite frankly not feeling anything but pain in my ass and mild fevers that come and go.
My workout were much more intense before I started??? What gives? Could my gear be weak?


Just got done with a 2 week test prop cycle. I didn't feel stronger until the third week, however, my work capacity increased. That is, my max didn't go up but I was able to do more reps at a given weight than I had previously.

I cut my prop with filtered GSO and filtered my gear as well. I then combined both in a new, sterile vial.

The pain and fevers may be the result of a low grade infection from dirty gear.


I guess I will be patient and wait until 3 week is done before I contact my source. Were u just taking prop?


I started taking Dbol 10mg on day 8.

The easiest way to tell if your gear is legit is with a $50 blood test.



At an average of 350mgs per week you are running a weak cycle. You should notice a difference in the first week with prop. You should really bump it up.


I've been running 50mg of prop eod and I haven't noticed SHIT!

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