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To my understanding almonds are the best nuts for driving up testosterone. However, I am having trouble finding some not cooked in soybean oil. Any hints?

Everywhere I have lived in Canada manage to find raw almonds in bulk food stores, health food stores etc. Look for raw, unroasted, unsalted. You can even buy big bags of them (1-2pounds) in the baking section of grocery stores.

I would check your local grocer, they should have some that are raw, I have not been to a store, which did not. Also you can look for almond butter, which I might add is excellent, and does not contain any type of unatural oils

Look in the baking aisle of the grocery store, not the snack foods.

Unsalted? What for?

I don’t know where you live but Trader Joe’s gets two thumbs up for the “raw nuts” that they have.
Almonds, walnuts, pistacios, pine nuts, brazil nuts, macadamia, etc.
Pretty much all available raw and in their original state.

Natural almond butter tastes great, too.

Body IQ, I just went to Trader Joes two days ago, and bought some of there Cashew Butter, I was wondering if you have tried there cashew macadamia nut butter, it was sold out when I went, but they get two thumbs up from me, they are a lot cheaper than whole foods

Haven’t seen the cashew macadamia nut butter there yet. If I do, I’ll be sure to pick some up.
They just have a really good selection of quality foods there at a reasonable price.

Since when have almonds been the best nuts for “driving up testosterone?”

I doubt there is much difference between peanuts, cashwews, almonds etc in terms of “driving up testosterone.”


I’d assume he’s basing this on the fact that they have the highest mono content; polys won’t do much for T.

On a related note, I was recently told that peanuts are estrogenic. This was a surprise to me. Is anyone else aware of this, and is there some science to back it up?

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Sorry to highjack the thread, so here’s my take on almonds…
love em!

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The important thing is that you understand what the person is trying to say. While I like to have proper spelling/punctuation/grammar in my own posts, I don’t expect it from others.
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I’m lucky to live about 60 miles away from vast Almond orchards so I can get lotsa lotsa shelled fresh almond for cheap. Studies have shown Almonds to lower LDL. For a lot of guys bulking this is a good thing.
I’ve also read that they may help maintain blood sugar levels but ???

Here’s some detailed info for all you scientific type freaks out there

let it go, people…
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Still like them almonds, ttooooooo.