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Almonds V. Walnuts


I recently bought a bulk bag of fresh organic raw almonds. My roommate got a bulk bag of fresh organic raw walnuts. It got me curious. Which of these two nuts is 'better', Walnuts have Omega-3s, but almonds seem to have a higher vitamin/mineral content. I'm not sure what other differences there are.

Next time I'll grab a bulk bag of walnuts and almonds, but for now I'm curious about this.


Berardi recommends a mix of nuts.


Just trade half of each of your bags and mix. Why does something always have to be better than something else? BOTH!


I do too.


There both great I prefer walnuts profile lower protien higher fat and has the O3's but there both great.



Off topic, but still relevant:

Could I buy some raw Walnuts and cook them up with some Olive oil and salt/seasonings?

Almonds seem to come salted/smoked, but Walnuts seem to always come with nothing in the cooking section of my grocery store.


Not relevant to the question, but Walnuts taste great with raw honey... better than almonds. Almonds are good with butter :).


Usually walnuts are roasted in the oven--I've seen recipes call for anywhere between 275 and 350 and 10 to 45 minutes. It probably depends on your oven and your preference. You can use oil, but I don't usually add any since walnuts are oily enough as is and will brown nicely in their own fat. I've pan roasted walnuts before using medium heat (you don't want to go high and burn them) and you just toss them until they brown (but don't blacken). You can then season afterwards. Same deal in the oven--e.g. keep moving them every few minutes to make sure they brown all around and don't blacken, those good fats won't do you any good if you burn them.

So experiment, but try to keep the heat low because they will burn easy.


They are great soak them over night in water when raw. theyll grow as well. but any way, then drain and add spice etc, I likle adding cinnamonm allspice, ginger and clove and a bit of salt some rum extract and sweetener, usuallu stevia and sucralose. then slow bake about 225-250 DAMN good.

can add any spice chili pepper is great, make them BBQ etc.

also great to make mixed nut butter, peanut almond and walnut.



he said nut butter...


Those are the two best in my opinion. Walnuts are higher in calories (more fat), but it's healthy omega-3 fat, almonds are more alkalizing. If you really want your raw almonds to be uber-healthy, soak them for 6 hours or overnight before you eat them. They're different, but still good that way.


Have I been wrong all along thinking that baking walnuts or almonds changes the fat in them? (to transfat?) Are they as healthy this way? Because I know they are more delicious baked, but I've been eating walnuts and almonds raw, because I thought they were better digested and healthier this way...


38% of the people on this forum choose walnuts over almonds.

What does that tell you?


Just dont bake em aty 50-0 degrees for hours on end and attack them with hydrogen and youll be fine. Sure some minimal change may take place but not horrid I keep it relativel low temp 225-250.